Saturday, December 3, 2011

Child proofing your Internet-enabled gadgets


More and more parents are giving their kids tablets, game consoles, laptops, and other Internet-connected devices as special holiday gifts. But how do you keep Junior safe as he's downloading apps, playing games online and exploring the World Wide Web?

Putting the iPod Touch on lock-down

Dear Maggie, My 10-year-old daughter wants an iPod Touch for Christmas. I'm sure it's because all of her friends have one and are playing games and other apps on it. But I am nervous about getting her one. I trust her, but I do not think she needs all of the technologies that come on an iPod Touch. I really do not want the outside world getting in touch with her! Is there some type of other technology or device I can get her so she can play apps and at the same time not have a Skype phone, camera, video, GPS, etc.? I feel so old school, but I do not think a 10-year-old needs to be texting, etc!!! All and any advice would really be helpful!

Thanks, Paula

Dear Paula, I think you are absolutely right that a 10-year-old doesn't need instant access to the Internet at all times on her iPod Touch. But as you allude to in your question, it's getting harder for parents to find gadgets for their kids that aren't connected to the Internet. I've got some news for you. There are ways to turn the iPod Touch into a safe device for a child. But it will require you to make a few changes to the settings on the device.

Apple does a pretty good job ... [Read more]

Child proofing your Internet-enabled gadgets
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