Sunday, December 4, 2011

Heading to FLORIDA in → 6 hours←..

Scott and I was out selling Swagger and found out his dad is in really bad shape. We are leaving for Florida at 6am. Its sad and I feel bad for Scott and for his step mom. But most of all his dad.

As you guys know I am running behind on everything. I won't be getting weekend notes up either. Just grab a sales paper and look at what sales are going on. Instead of blogging much tonight, I am busy packing... Lots and Lots to do before I get to bed. I am waiting on laundry now but I have most of my stuff packed. I think we are only going to be there a couple days. Really we are not sure. So much depends on his father. He is elderly with Parkinson's Disease and is having all kinds of serious problems. My grandmother as has the beginning stages of it and I have to be really careful what I say to her about him because I don't want to scare her.. and I have to talk to her tomorrow.. so yea.. that's another aspect that is upsetting.

We are in no way prepared for this trip. We just decided on it 5 hours ago. Scott wants to say goodbye to his father and that is understandable, so that's why we are going. With him doing much more at work now, we can't stay the entire week. We will be there for a few days ( I think ) and then if need be fly back later. I have a ton of questions right now.. he tried answering them the best he could.. but this is the type of situation.. when its hard because its not planned. Is that terrible. It seems I can't do anything that not written down on my calender. I am just having to wing it.. and wow is that hard. We just got home around 10 pm and I am cleaning, doing laundry, packing, leaving notes for the house sitter..

I was not happy with Scott last night.. and 2 of my girlfriends are having trouble tonight.. Is it in the water or what??? And we are all pretty close to each other. Scott and I are much better today. But it goes to show... life is hard. Its not easy.. its not the easy that defines us.. Its when we are a mess and in doing the best we can in the hardest of times is what defines us. I think all 3 of us girls will be just fine.. and with that said..

Back to getting things ready.. plus I want a hot bath.. So going to squeeze that in and finish up.. 6 am is going to come fast.. Clearly I will blog when I can.. I ask if you are reading this.. please keep my father in law - Mr. Jaggers - in your prayers. I think now.. the most important thing to do is keep him from any pain and leave this world when God and he are ready.


K Jaggers

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