Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunday.. in the Sun Shine State

Hello everyone.. We made it. We arrived down here around 430. I fell asleep while we were still in North Carolina around 630 am and didn't wake up till we were in Florida around 1pm. We stopped for some food and then the rest of the way in, I cleaned up in the car. That's never easy..I got a few pictures from last night and tonight. These pictures are from my phone. I have more but I am not on my fact, I am in Mr. Jaggers home office using his wife's laptop. They have some kind of plug in Internet and I am not about to mess with that! I can get a good enough signal on mine so I am just thankful there is one I can use. Right now its 11pm and the house is silent. Marjory is in bed.. Scott is in bed and there is no tv in our room. So, I figured I would blog for a few minutes.. answer a few emails.. and then watch a movie on my laptop till I fall asleep. I am surrounded by all these family pictures right now and it makes me sad that his father is not well. He's got a entire life in these walls. It sure makes me sad. I took some pictures from today...You will not see his face in them at all. I took one but that one will NOT be up. No one knew I was taking them and I think with Scott's work, its good to have it documented, just in case.

But first, I figured I would show you guys one of my favorite all time meals..that I keep dreaming about..

After we sold Swagger - Prince Edward - I decided it was time to get some dinner..

Outback was close!!

It was 7pm and we got seated right away in the bar when I saw..

Gingerbread Martini's!! Is that not the cutest ever. I really wanted to get one but thought it might be too strong for me so I opted for a

Yummy Sangria instead..

The bread came..

and I was in heaven..


Ahi Tuna came and I was in heaven..

The salad came ( sorry no picture! ) and I was in heaven..

Then dinner came

I was in total heaven..I needed this meal so bad!! I loved it.. and it gave me just the energy I needed to get home and get packed.

I think I finally fell to sleep some where around 5am.. Scott had me up and 615 to get ready and get out the door.

We were in the car no longer than 20 minutes before I was back asleep.. I woke up after we had been in Florida for about an hour. I wanted food.. not fast food either.. Husby didn't want to really stop so we decided on Waffle House because it was kinda in between. The coffee was good and breakfast/brunch wasn't too bad either.

Back in the car we went.  I can't believe husby drove and drove and drove.. without any stopping. I couldn't do that. I did my best to clean up in the car but my hair was a total mess.. I just pulled it up and before I knew it...

we were in Tampa.

We made our way straight to

hospital. It was so sad seeing Mr Jaggers like that.

I felt really really bad for him and tried looking the other way as much as possible. I had a chair directly in front of him and I finally made Scott switch me because he is who should have been in his dads eye view not me.

We stayed for a while, went and got some dinner with Marjorie. She saw her new Pastor a couple tables over. He came over to say hi with his wife and when we got up to pay for dinner we found out he already took care of the bill. That just tickled Marjorie. Boy, she was on the phone calling all kinds of friends to tell them about his act of kindness. We then headed back up to the hospital for a while and then finally came home. Its hard for Mr. Jaggers to eat and he seems to get choked really easy.. even on water. Marjorie is very direct with him and I think it helps. He can talk a little but I find it hard to understand him. We all told him good night and came back here...

Scott had some time with

Fairway. She is kinda ill too but be cared for in the best way possible.

You guys all know, I am not a dog person. But this is a very gentle dog. She is a Grey Hound and the sweetest thing ever.

I don't know how long we are staying. The way the Dr is talking right now, he improved a lot through last night and he may get to go back to the Retirement Center. No one is sure of when his last moments will be but right now, we still have him and that time is very special to his kids and family. Its sad, and I know its breaking Scott's heart to see his father like this. Thank you guys for the emails you sent. I kept reading them on my phone from the hospital and it was nice to hear how so many of you have lifted him up in your prayers. And it helped.. so again.. THANK YOU from Scott and I both.

Well I have been sitting on the..

front porch enjoying this late fall Florida weather tonight. Its so calm and peaceful out there and feels so good. Its a bit cool but not too bad and today was just beautiful here. When we were crossing the bay, we put the windows down and let in the smell of that salty air and I knew I was home. I have lived here a ton of times through out the years and this is where I plan on coming back to. BTW... around here it looks more decorated for the holidays than what it does at home. I am going to try to get a video tommorow night, if we are here of it all. I cant really make this a social visit kind of trip but I do think he will drive me around some areas that are filled with lights and decorations.

Well.. believe it or not, I am going to try to go to bed and get some rest. I will talk to you guys as soon as I can.

Have a great Monday. I will keep you posted as much as possible.


K Jaggers

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