Saturday, December 3, 2011

The weekend is here!!

Its not such a busy today.. thankfully! Its been a day of phone calls.. Ferdinand is now known as OGGY and Swagger is now known as PRINCE EDWARD. Both sweet names! Oggy did well last night. She said he is eating well and acting happy! He went to the vet today and got a check out for a clean bill of health. He did have some fea residue on him she said.. and I bet that damn dog brought it in. So much for that flea killer working. But they didn't find any fleas thank goodness! I haven't had any problems with fleas but its possible with a dog that runs in and out that they might get one. Just be sure to check them..I have many times but I could have missed it!

I don't have many plans till tomorrow. I have to answer some emails today and get the house picked up a lot. I don't know what we are doing tonight. Probably a bunch of nothing. We need the break! And Saturday we have a long night ahead of us with delivering a kitten to its new home.

Well husby is here.. he got some gas on him and changing clothes.. going to say hi and will be back later to talk more!


K Jaggers

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