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Samsung Omnia W

Samsung Omnia W

As The Big Smartphone player, Samsung does not want to be left behind with it’s competitor, Nokia, as the company had launched the newly introduced Nokia smartphones based on Windows Phone (WP) 7.5. So does Samsung also will launch its first WP mobile phone, the Samsung Omnia W.

Samsung corporation had previously been introduced his Windows Phone mobile and now South

A Long Day..

 Hello.. another late night post for you guys! Its about 140am and after this post is done.. I am going to go curl up in bed and watch tv till I drift off asleep! I didn't get to sleep last night till after 6am.. Yea.. I was none too happy about that. It sucks when my sleep meds don't work. I had a ton of things on my mind in regards to a couple of my girlfriends.. but tonight.. I am going to do my best to clear my head and get some sleep!!

So today.. Scott got up early and started helping our friend to move.. I was so happy they didn't force me up to help. At 1 pm Scott called to wake me, and even then.. I was a little grumpy about getting out of the bed. But I felt bad for Michael because I knew I need to help him.. even if I woke up late. So I got up and heading to his house. It didn't take long to finish loading the rest of the stuff and before I knew it...

We were heading down the road. The boys were hungry so we made a quick stop at

And had a quick lunch.. Then we were off again to..

drop the empty trailer back at the dealership..

The boys got it unhooked and put up and back on the road we went..

We finished moving him in.. Thankfully this time.. all I had to do is move the stuff in.. I didn't have to unpack anything!! That job is theirs! I am really happy that he is getting settled in his new apartment and working on making a happy happy life with the a family that loves him dearly. I think there are tons of good things in store for them!

So after that.. I drove my car back.. Scott drove the truck back.. We went to the dealership to clean both vehicle's up..

Ohhh.. remember the broken window I was telling you about last night??/

Well here it is..


Scott got busy on the truck first trying to get all the glass vacuumed up.

I kinda didn't see the point in doing it himself. They pay people there to do that kind of thing but since it happened when he was driving.. I think he wanted to do it.

Another thing that took me by surprise is that he offered to wash and detail my car.


he got busy doing that. I really would have rathered running it through a gas station car wash because it cold and I was tired.. didn't want to wait at all!

but he got busy..

and got it all suds up

and cleaned

and even dried and waxed..

At this point the car was about done. I think we were at the dealership for about an hr and a half.
I wish I would have taken a picture of my car after he was totally done.. but I didn't. I had misplaced my visa card and was kinda in a panic around this stage. I had it in Scott's jacket that I put on at Sonic and thought it fell out either at Sonic or Michael and Courtney's apartment. We called them to check the parking lot.. and nothing. So I am on the phone.. getting ready to report it lost when Michael called and said he found it in a box with the hamburger that I didn't finish! Wooooo...that was a lucky call!
Thank you Thank you.. So he is bringing it to work with him tomorrow.

On the way home from the dealership I stopped at the market.. got a few things for dinner and as I was pulling into the house..darkness was setting upon us. I was so tired and cold that when I got in the house.. I got the fireplace going and just flopped on the couch until I got warmed up. Scott was tired and beat up too. He cut his finger really bad on that glass and I think we both just wanted some food.. showers.. and bed..

My mom flew to Indiana today to see the kids and her mom. She was going to go work for the week up North but her vehicle was having issues and she decided at the last minute she was flying up. I was in the middle of moving Michael when she called.. I answered and immediately told her that I would have to call her back.. my hands were full but for some reason she sounded kinda sad.. I am happy she sounded that way because it got me to call her back faster. Little did I know she was sitting in the airport waiting to board her flight. I about died when I realized that. What if I had missed her and she flew off and something happened.. I told her next time.. FOR SURE get ahold of me before flying off.. I just worry about her. I don't have much family left.. she means the world to me and even though there have been times when we both wanted to ring each others necks.. I would be lost without her. I am really thankful I got to talk to her before she took off.

It wasn't but a few hours later that she sent me the following pictures... 

My Brittany Belle with her new American Doll Baby " Courtney " that she wanted sooooo bad for her birthday.. I have a problem paying $100.00 for a baby doll.. But her grandma sure didn't!
And here is my wild child..

He went shopping with my mom for his birthday gift.. So he was a happy camper too!

Mom said she felt Brittany's hair was cute.. Its kinda a shag cut.. I love mom.. love Brittany.. but kinda disagree.. But.. with that said.. I think Brittany is beautiful no matter what.. and it will grow back out. I am still way upset about it.. and I doubt that will change but I am trying to handle it better. I think what gets me is it was done out spite for me.. not love for her. And thats not just mean.. its cruel. My father had a hand in it. Not a big one but he told them where to go to get it done without ever talking to me about it and did it without much thought. I expected more out of him.. Since then I have not talked to him. While I do kinda miss him.. I have to cool down first. Thinking about it now.. I just expect more out of him. I feel let down a lot with him but I do love him and when the time is right.. probably when her hair grows back out like it use to be.. we will hopefully talk again. But I am glad my mom is there and really feels her hair is ok.. and that helped me..but I wish it would have never happened..

Ok.. back to tonight...

I got busy in the kitchen while Scott soaked in big hot bath.. For tonight's dinner.. I decided on..

Chili.. I make a really fast good chili with very little work.. I will post the how to and pictures tomorrow.. Again. Chili is something that you don't have to take all day to make. I think this was done in about 30 minutes.. Yea.. Its that fast.. and it was sooooo good.. In fact, I just had a 2nd bowl a little while.. I made plenty for Scott to take into the dealership tomorrow. I told Michael I would send some for his lunch tomorrow too. So its all ready for them!

After dinner.. I went straight to the hot bath and my babies are starting to make it up the stairs now.. I went in to see Scott and

Gizmo was watching tv.. I mean really watching it and it wasn't long before

Sweet Pea was up there too watching tv.. How cute are they!?

Those kittens are my ♥. I am not ready to get rid of them at all.. who knows if I will. I might just keep them all! =) I don't do it for the $.. I do it for the joy they bring me.. However husby says they are a very expensive investment and he wants to make some of his $ back!! I guess we can agree to disagree on that one!

Tomorrow.. no big plans.. I am sleeping in all day if I want. I am just going to take it easy.. work around the house and wait till he gets home around 8 to watch House and Dancing with the Stars. I am not even sure I am handing out candy. I will have to go out and get some and I am not making myself do that if I don't feel like it. We will just have to wait and see!

We are also having problems with Cooper. I won't go into details but tonight I wanted to beat him to death.. I didn't.. but I sure wanted to. We are going to have to get him to the vet and get him checked out. He keeps up and he is going to get a brand new dog house and live outside.. Scott sticks up for the dog but how he is acting.. no one needs to stick up for him. He needs to be bopped upside his head. I know Scott loves him like I love my cats.. but his behavior has really gotten worse since we moved in this house. Maybe I need to call Cesar the Dog Whisper to come help!

Well friends.. I am tired.. I am off to bed and tonight.. I am thinking I am not going to have much trouble falling asleep.. but you never know!! Fingers Crossed my meds work and my eyes shut.. and I start dreaming..
Happy Halloween!!

K Jaggers

Another " Demonic " Halloween Video!!

Ok.. Halloween is tomorrow.. and its not too late to get a look like this if you want!!

You don't have use all the same products.. just use what you have that is kinda the same.

This video kinda freaks me out.. it really does look like she is Demonic!

Have a Halloween!!

K Jaggers

Halloween Bark!!

If you are looking for a fun easy way to make a Halloween dessert… here it is! Halloween Chocolate Bark!


  • 1 pound bittersweet chocolate chips

  • 3 2.1-ounce Butterfinger candy bars, cut into irregular 1-inch pieces

  • 3 1.4-ounce Skor or Heath toffee candy bars, cut into irregular 3/4-inch pieces

  • 8 0.55-ounce peanut butter cups, each cut into 8 wedges

  • 1/4 cup honey-roasted peanuts

  • 3 ounces high-quality white chocolate (such as Lindt or Perugina), chopped

  • Reese’s Pieces and/or yellow and orange peanut M&M’s


  • Line baking sheet with foil. Stir chocolate chips in heavy medium saucepan over low heat until melted and warm (not hot) to touch. Pour chocolate onto foil; spread to 1/4-inch thickness (about 12×10-inch rectangle). Sprinkle with Butterfinger candy, toffee, peanut butter cups, and nuts, making sure all pieces touch melted chocolate to adhere.

  • Put white chocolate in heavy small saucepan. Stir constantly over very low heat until chocolate is melted and warm (not hot) to touch. Remove from heat. Dip spoon into chocolate; wave from side to side over bark, creating zigzag lines. Scatter Reese’s Pieces and M&M’s over, making sure candy touches melted chocolate.

  • Chill bark until firm, 30 minutes. Slide foil with candy onto work surface; peel off foil. Cut bark into irregular pieces.

Love this!!

K Jaggers

Picture/Quote - w/ Message

Just a quick hello.. Its 7pm here and we are just getting home after helping Michael move.. We did stop by the dealership and Scott detailed my car.. but more about that later.

Its cold here. I am soooo happy to be home where the fireplace is burning..and for the rest of the night I am hoping to relax. I am going to get up and pick up the kitchen.. make a bit pot of Chili and toss some laundry around.. But I only have a couple of loads to do so it won't be too hard!

I am also working on some post.. I want to remind you that if you haven't already get your Sunday newspaper for the coupons. Its going to have coupons for CoverGirl, Olay, and lots of hair coupons. So get it before its too late. Sorry I didn't mention it earlier. If you read last nights post.. you should know that there was tons of things going on.. so coupons were not on my mind! So run out to your local convenient store and get a Sunday paper!

Well.. I am going to make dinner!! Will be back soon to chat more!
K Jaggers

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review

Referring at a press conference recently held in Hong Kong, Samsung and Samsung Galaxy Google introduces Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the first phone running on Google's Android operating system 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwiches". This phone have 1, 2 GHz dual-core processor and the Super Amoled display: Samsung HD amounted to 4.65 inches wide which has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Samsung Galaxy

Sunday, October 30, 2011

LG Optimus Black Review

LG Optimus Black

Slim, thin, light, sexy, and full of black! Yes, it's my impression as seeing and holding a Black Optimus, for me as a few late months have been using Optimus One, Optimus Black is the new experience, a 4 inch screen IPS with the NOVA Display 480 x 800 pixels really is a new experience for me being unfamiliar with the screen 3.2 inches. Optimus Black fitted with NOVA Display

A C-R-A-Z-Y Night!!


Hello everyone... Its late here.. I should be in bed.. but yea.. that's not happening. I have been up late talking to one of my girlfriends who is having a very hard time in her marriage. I feel so bad for her. But we will get her through this, with her husband or without her husband. But its really hard for her right now.. She is so in my prayers.

I need to get to sleep because I HAVE to get Michael moved tomorrow.. Let me tell you how today went moving wise..

The boys went to Michael's right after work.. grabbed the furniture that Michael wants us to keep for him.. which included our old kitchen table and a bed.. So the boys get it loaded.. and on the way here the table slid.. and busted out the back window of the truck they were driving from the dealership.. Glass all over them.. They get here.. Scott needed to change his clothes.. and wanted to get all that glass off him.. so Michael drove the busted up truck back to his apartment.. We were to drive my car there to his apartment to help him.. well hell.. I lost my car keys.. and was having to listen to Scott bitch and complain about the keys.. Long and behold I found them about 30 or 35 minutes after.. then we head off to the gas station.. once we are there we realize that Scott did not have his car keys or phone. So back to the house we came.. looking for his crap. All while Michael is waiting on us. We finally got back on the road to Michael's. Its about a 15-20 minute drive to his house so we arrive as the sun is setting. I am sure at this point Michael was ready to kill us both. We worked really fast to get a load in the truck and trailer and got a lot of his clothes in my car. Scott was tired and came up with the bright idea that we would just park the truck and trailer in the service garage at the dealership.. and then tomorrow in the early am.. we would get the truck up to his girlfriends. In the truck we loaded up one of Michael's dressers and Scott didn't want to put the drawers in it.. because they would fall out.. Mr. Michael didn't think so.. so he put the drawers in. Well we made a turn on a busy street.. and guess what happens.. The drawers fall out in the middle of the street. I am the 2nd car back.. Michael is right behind me.. and Scott was driving the truck..Well when the drawers flew out.. the full I pull out in the oncoming lane..Michael pulls right behind me.. and all 3 of us fly out the cars and get all the stuff picked up in about 2 minutes and back in the cars we went. But Micheal's drawers got all busted up. I felt so bad about that. I think it was best that we did park the truck and gave up tonight. I mean.. shit.. it just was not going the way we thought it would. I am pretty sure Michael is in a shitty mood too. I mean.. I totally understand why.. but I hope we all get rested and finish up tomorrow..I know we ALL need a new day. Michael has to be out of his apartment TOMORROW..So we have to get him finished up.

Is that not a C-R-A-Z-Y night? Fingers crossed tomorrow goes smoother!

Well.. I have to get to bed. Its close to 4 am... I am still on the phone with my friend by the way.. So going to wrap up this conversation and get to bed!

Hope you guys had a better night that I did and I do wish you a beautiful Sunday!


K Jaggers

Acer Aspire S3 Ultra Thin Notebook

Acer Corporation has just launched their new notebook, a super thin notebook, named Aspire S3 in Taiwan. It appears that Acer still believes if the notebook can still be relied upon to compete with the tablet  PC.

Acer Aspire S3

Super thin Notebook or commonly referred to as this is indeed a lot of interesting Ultrabook attention consumer world lately. Acer decided to soon launch his newest

iPhone 4S Battery Life Less Longer Than It Should Be ?

Juts two weeks after the launch of the inaugural iPhone 4S, the owners of the iPhone such a sophisticated feel that something is not rigth about their iPhone 4S. In this case they started complaining about battery life iPhone 4S. According to the owners of the iPhone 4S, battery life is shorter, than it should be.

The manufacturer,  Apple Corporation directly seems to have admitted their

The " hunt " for my Orangy Red Lipstick!!

As I told you in last nights beauty haul post ( if you didn't see it you can click HERE to read it )
that I wanted a lipstick that would match well with my new polish..

So here is what I found..

The polish I got yesterday..The 2 lipsticks and lipliner is what I got today..

I found..

This Revlon Lipstick in

and I think it matches..

Pretty good!!

But.. I found another in ..

also by Revlon that I think matches..

even better! Ha!! Sooo happy finding these 2!!!

Finding a lipliner to match up proved to be more hard.

I settled on this one by Covergirl in

# 205
Smoky Intense..

I am not sure how this will look with the lipsticks.. but I think once I outline my lips and fill them in with this pencil.. it will look just fine after the lipstick is applied on top of it..

I will get swatches and do reviews soon!


K Jaggers

Sally Hansen Salon Effects ~ Plaid About You ~

Yesterday I got more of the Sally Hansen Polish Strips.. I love these handy little things. I am not the best at doing my own fact, I suck at it.. But these sure help a lot!!

Here they are..

Now.. I did do these after I took a couple sleeping pills so its not the best application but still..

I think they turned out pretty good!

I did put a coat of clear polish over them.. just to maybe help extend the life of the polish strips but you don't have to. Also as I have mentioned before, these come with 2 little packets of polish strips but since my nails are short right now.. I only used one. I put it on my nail.. then cut it and put it on the same finger nail but on the other hand. I love this because I can get two uses out of 1 box!

If you want to check out more of my post about this polish strips.. click any of the links below!!

Have any of you tried these yet? There are many designs.. and I am for sure getting the lace design next! Let me know if you have tried these and what you think of them!

K Jaggers

Halloween Weekend!!

Happy Saturday everyone!

The sun is shinning and it looks like a beautiful fall day. It might be fooling me and be cold out. Not sure though.. haven't been outside yet. Even Super Cooper is sleeping in today and hasn't wanted to go outside yet! I slept pretty good. The cats were keeping me up last night so I went upstairs and shut the door. Scott just called and said its 50 outside.. see, I got fooled from that sunshine!

I am going to clean up in a few.. and head back out to get that lipliner and lipstick to match that polish.. Hoping that I can find one! I am not looking for a bright orange lipstick but instead looking for a matte redish orange color.

I have been studying a lot of make up looks that are from the early 1950's. Where they wore basically a pretty plain face.. maybe a little eyeliner and mascara but had a strong lip. I rarely wear a strong lip but I am really wanting to try it out. I might even try pin curls too! I don't know why I am liking that look but I am.. So yea.. going to give it a try!

After Scott and Michael get off at 4pm.. We are moving him into his girlfriends house. I am not so crazy it but he has helped us many many times. So we owe it to him and even if we didn't we would still help him.. because he is such a good friend to us. We love him just like a family member!!

I did talk to my friend about doing a guest post for Thursday's Married Life Post.. She and her husband are coming up on their 18 year anniversary. I mean that's something to be proud of! So I am excited about that post coming up! I don't know if she will have it done by this Thursday or next but I will get it posted as soon as she gets it done! Well on a Thursday anyway!

Also.. I have a friend getting me some new make up brushes from Target today. I can't wait to see them.. will get them up tonight probably!

Well got to get cleaned up and go find that lipstick and lipliner and then get home and work around the house until the boys get here and pick me up!

Have a great day!

I will be back in a while to chat more!

K Jaggers

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pure Music Only in the UK

Get this charming amazing beutiful gadget for your music companion. With this gadget you can have millions of MP3 songs updated everyday only just paying few dollar a month. There is it, so much fun, you don't have to buys cds anymore, no need to worry about illegal MP3 songs download. The quality of these Mp3 songs are so good, no low rate Mp3 songs, all songs are high rate bit. too bad these

Late Night Chatter!!

Hello friends..

Perhaps you are you are up when this goes out or more likely its Saturday Morning or Afternoon for you! Hope you are having a great day!

Around here today..

It was gloomy and cold.. I would have given anything to have stayed in my bed and snuggled up with my husband and kitty cats. But I went to the dealership.. saw Scott.. then went shopping.. then paid some bills and then I came upon..

Yummy Subway.. For some reason it just sounded good..

So I got a meatball sub and..

brocolli cheese soup. It was so good. Perfect for a cold day..

And look who else liked it..

That's Gabby's head down in the bowl.. I just let her have a little bit.. Its crazy how much that is like me.. She eats everything I eat. I have had cats before that ate meat and cheese.. but this cat eats.. pasta..sweets..vegetables.. If I eat it.. she wants to eat it too! Please don't send me a ton emails about how unhealthy it is for her. She has everything in moderation!

Today while I was shopping.. I saw this ..

auto feeder.. I have always just used bowls but we have been having a problem with one of the kittys thinking the food bowls was his litter box..

In fact.. here he is!! Hahah.. he is the baby of the bunch and really likes to pee in his and the dogs dry food bowls.. I am hoping.. hoping.. hoping.. this auto feeder is too small for him. His litter box pretty close and I have took the lid off temporarily just to help remind him where to go! So far tonight.. he has ONLY used his litter box!! =) I don't what it is about this little guy.. but hes my favorite.. hands down! Right now he is sound asleep right here beside me.

Also today.. my friend Courtney brought us some..

tickets to go to this Kaleidoscope show on ice where Sasha Cohen, Johnny Weir, Nancy Kerrigan, Kurt Browning, Paul Wylie, Joannie Rochette, Elivis Stojko and Sinead and John Kerr will be preforming along with Musical Performances by Patti LaBelle and Jordan Sparks!!

How fun does that sound! Little did Miss Courtney know how much I love ice skating!! Super Excited!!! I am so thankful she got us tickets! So that's where you will find us the of November 18th!

Well its 236am.. I am awake.. and need to be asleep! So taking my ambien and getting my butt to bed!

So good night from me and..

Ferdinand! He looks so much like his daddy! And Gizmo is right there beside of him sleeping!

No big plans tomorrow.. I am going to hunt down that lipstick I am wanting.. then helping Michael move.. That's about it!

Sweet dreams!

K Jaggers


Samsung Galaxy Note may be quite desirable by technology addict. However it was potentially widened my eyes. Samsung did not yet officially called price Galaxy Note. If the price is high, the Galaxy entered the ranks of Note smartphone most expensive. The price is even more impressive than the computer tablet Galaxy Tab 6.3 or Galaxy S II.


Galaxy Note on paper does look

Friday Haul!!

I picked up a few things today that I thought I would share with you guys! I get a lot of questions about how much I spend on stuff.. Please remember.. I rarely buy anything that is not on sale.. I just don't do it unless of course, I have to. 

So lets get to it!!

First off I went to Rite Aid to pick up.. 

some of the Organix Body Wash. Right now these are buy one get one free. They are normally $ 10.00 each and with this sale.. It was like they are $5.00 each! How awesome is that. I love doubling up on bath and hair products because in my bathroom.. my shower and bath tub are separate. I don't like having to transfer things from one area to the other. 

This one is my favorite. As you can read its a blend of cherry blossom and rice milk.. 
Smells and feels really good! 

I decided to get a different one for the shower.. 

This is the Coconut milk and sugar cane.

 I Will let you all know what I think of this one after I have tried it a few times. 

Both of these are a gel consistency and really lathers up really well! 

I am not sure when the sale ends.. so if you are interested in getting these for the sale price.. get there ASAP!!!!

Next up.. 

I got these Sally Hansen Salon Effects in 

" Plaid About You" .. 

How cute is that name!? Anyway.. got these on sale too at Rite Aid. 

The next sale item I got was.. 

This Revlon Color Stay Lipliner in # 630 ~ Nude ~.. 

Thinking about it now.. I should have got 2 of these and I will explain why towards the end of the post. Not 2 nude ones but 2 lipliners. If I remember right these are 30% off. 

Husby's good electric razor broke recently so he is back to shaving with a normal razor. He was complaining how my " girly " disposable razors were tearing up his face.. So I got him..

Some special Aveeno Shaving Cream that is suppose to help prevent razor burn. 

And some more.. 

disposable razors because I couldn't remember what kind of blades his razor took.. 

( sorry but these were not on sale ) but they were for him.. and he is worth full price. 

I next picked up some lipstick that was on sale too..

Please look over my nails.. I was swatching all kinds of polishes on them.. so they look a mess right now.. Will fix them soon! 

Anyway I got this Revlon Colorburst lipstick 


Now I don't normally wear red lipstick.. But I have been looking a lot at how the lady's in the 50's wore their make up.. and red lips were a big part of it.. so really want to try. .

What I was trying to do was get a lipstick that matched up with .. 

This new Revlon Polish that I got. This one is in .. 

I just love it for fall! But I failed at finding a lipstick that matched up well with it.. 

So tomorrow.. I am heading back to the store.. I am getting another one of those lipliners in whatever color matches best to the other lipstick I am buying that matches that polish better!!

Will be sure to show you what I find! 

Had fun getting some good deals today!

Later tonight.. I will show you what I got for my kittys!

Ohh.. and I almost forgot.. 

I got my baby's some birthday cards too while I was there! They are growing up so fast on me. This year.. I am sending cash for the first time ever for their birthdays.. It kinda feels weird not getting gifts for them but I thought they would have fun shopping and I also liked the idea of saving on the shipping!!

Thanks for reading!

K Jaggers