Saturday, December 3, 2011



Today was just not the day I thought it would have been. I think some times God really likes testing me! Everything that is going on around here will sort itself out... at least I hope it will. Its been a super busy few days for me and I really am tired. I think I could go to bed and sleep for days. You guys know me.. I blog a lot but I haven't felt like it much the past couple of days. I will get back to normal on Monday.. I hope anyway..

Well tonight is my last night with..

Swagger or - Prince Edward -

I really am going to miss him.

I looooove his paws.

Is that not the cutest kitten ever!?

I still can't believe I am selling him.

But I think the home he is going home to will love him as much as I do. But it's not going to be easy handing him off tomorrow.

I know this is going to sound crazy but it seems like a lot of things I love is fading away. But.. I guess it can't really fade away can it. I think it always there in your heart and in your memories.


Look at what came in today.

The scoops for the sugar scrubs. That was fast huh!?

Scoops are cute huh!?

Here's the size..Perfect to hang with a ribbon around the jars.

I also got some essential oils..

Lavender and

Honey Almond.

Like I said fast.. and it was free shipping!

Well friends.. this night is over..

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers

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