Sunday, December 4, 2011



Its super early.. I am barley awake.. Hell, I don't even think I have been asleep that long. I slept on the couch today because last night I put fresh sheets on my bed and I didn't want to get them dirty.

I got everything packed up last night and we are finishing up and rolling out the door.

Hope you guys have a great Sunday. I checked my phone and saw some really sweet emails about Scott's father. Thank you so much for thinking of him during this very difficult time.

I am pretty sure we are going straight to the hospital.. so that means I will have to clean up in the car.. which is always challenging. I doubt I will be back on here till late tonight and that's if I can get online at his father and step mothers house. If not, I will update you guys via my phone.

Husby says its time to close up the computer and get going.

10 hours to Florida... I am sleeping as long as I can in the car..

Sweet Dreams and also Good Morning.

K Jaggers

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