Sunday, December 4, 2011

VIDEO - Last day with Mr. Swagger aka Prince Edward...

Hello everyone. Its late here.. 230 am and I am just about done packing things up... While I was busy I was uploading this video on youtube.. Just wanted to share with you all..


I am sure missing that little guy tonight. I am hoping he is doing well. BTW.. I got pictures of all the kittys in my phone and I will be getting them posted as soon as I have the time. They called to thank me just a while ago and said he was doing great. Her husband asked me if the cat would walk, because she is carrying him around every where. I think that's probably the case with all the others too!

Like I have said many times.. these kittens.. all my kittens have a piece of my heart and now its spread all over North Carolina. That's something special.. not everyone can say that..but now the love I feel is being felt with 4 other families. That alone makes me smile. Its so hard parting with them but keeping them all was never part of the plan. God knows I want to!

I have to be up in just a couple hours.. but I am going back to sleep as soon as I get in the car. I need to finish up and write notes for the house sitter.


K Jaggers

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