Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back Home.. [ also SUGAR SCRUB NOTES ]

Just saying hi!! I am finally home, done with running at I have only been here about an hour.. long enough to unpack the car, eat, and spend about 30 minutes with husby. He had that auction he had to go to so he could buy and sell more cars. I hate that he is having to do this now. But I am sure he is better at it that the dumbass who got fired. Sorry.. but that's the truth..

Anyway, I have a house full of stuff waiting for me to get it done. I will have probably a big post up before I head to bed..but it will be late. I also have a busy night cleaning wise along with tomorrow because w have a lady coming to check out Ferdinand. He is such a doll baby and I want the right family for him. I will hold out till I get it. I don't want him in a really busy house. I know his shy temperament needs to over came in the right environment. I mean, I have been around since day 1 and his just starting to really come out of his shell.. In fact, right now he is running full speed around here with his brother. It makes me smile how far he has came. He is the shy one. No others were shy.. but that big guy is!

I got a ton of supplies for the homemade gifts. I am going to go ahead and post it tonight because I want you all to be able to kinda follow along if you want. I also want you to know where I got them and what website I ordered some stuff off too. I think if you are making the sugar scrubs you need to order these. You won't have to.. and in fact, I will give you a few ideas of what to do instead if you can't order them. But they will make it look so cute! Another thing I wanted to make clear is that homemade does not mean free. While it doesn't cost much, there is an expense to it. I don't mind paying a little extra on a nice jar and ribbons because by time you are ton you are going to have a very nice looking gift for around $ 5 each. And they really are well worth more than that.. You'll see.. Don't just make them for others, try it out yourself before you ever bottle it up. Sugar scrubs tend to be a little slippery.. that's every sugar scrub. I use them all the time and in winter the oil really helps make dry skin soft and moisturized. Like I said, I will go through everything tonight with you guys..

But right now, I have to start putting things away and cleaning up a bit.

Ohhhh.. I forgot, to tell you I found a great deal on Christmas cards. More info about that tonight too. Scott is helping this year with ours! I will have them out in the mail on Tuesday!

Time to get motivated.. be back in the wee hours!


K Jaggers

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