Thursday, December 1, 2011

Busy day..

Its been a looong day. I did a lot of shopping today. I left about 1 pm, got back about 4. Had lunch and shopped online. Waited on Scott to get home and got about 10 minutes with him before we were both back in our cars heading in different directions. I took off to Office Max and the dollar store. I got home around 930 and he rolled in about 10. Got 30 minutes with him before he was in the shower and bed. I don't particularly like long days like this. My body is not made for long days. And I miss my husband, but I am thankful I didn't waste my time today. I actually accomplished a lot.

Right now I am uploading a video that will be up before this post.. I will add a link at the bottom of this one too. If you are going to be making any of the homemade gifts I have been talking about, then you will probably want to watch it!! It will help if you want to follow along! I bought for a lot today.. Just do what you are comfortable with! The biggest expense, is the containers..and that's not much, so find nice ones!

While I was buying this jars I was in the glasses isle, and  I ended up..

buying some new glasses. Scott had been complaining that a lot of the glasses were chipped and he has been just throwing them away.. it didn't bother me.. I either use a coffee up or a plastic throw away cup. I like plastic but Scott likes glass. So does my mom. Since she is coming, I thought it would be the perfect time to get some more! 

And guess who loved the boxes!!

The boys! 

Mr. Ferdinand 


I love his look here


He's so freaking cute! It looks big here but hes not that big! 

I think he looks like his daddy in so many ways. 

I love these little guys. Gosh.. how blessed am I to have been able to have such a great litter of kittens. 

Beautiful... Absolutely  Beautiful

Here is the things I got for any of you who couldn't watch the video.. Here is a very fast rundown of it all.

Little 10oz jars for the sugar scrub for $ 2.00 each at Walmart. These were in the kitchen gadgets isle. 

Half pint mason jars for spiced salts and mixes, found at Walmart for $3.95. Found in canning isle.

Big Mason Jars $ 1.00 each and I got these at that price because the box was tore up and one was broken. Might be a few $ more if you have to buy the box. I think it's $ 10.00. Found in canning isle.

Tins for cookies found at Walmart for $ 3.00 each. These were back in the garden center that has been converted to the Christmas area. 

More little plastic jar found at Every thing's a dollar.. Probably use for more sugar scrubs. 

Also got this plastic canister to see if a muffin mix will fit in it.. and if it does, I will get more. 

Cute Christmas coffee cups $ 1.00 at Every thing's a Dollar for cake in a mug. 

In the video I also talked about our Christmas cards for this year.. 

Here is what we are doing.. 

I found these at the photo counter at Walgreens for $ 5.99 - 12 cards -

I am adding the Christmas tree picture of Scott and I to the front.. With Walgreens right now, on Tuesday you can get 4 x 6 prints for $ .10 a piece!! So by Tuesday these will all be done and in the mail on Wednesday! 

I wanted to make these extra special so I went to Office Max and had a picture " rounded ", printed on sticker paper.. which took about 30 minutes.. and look what I got!!

Ha!! My beautiful Giovanni!! 

I also got this Fiskars Circle cutter..

And here is the inside the card!!

Ohhh.. and those sheets were $ 2.00 for 6 sheets.. The circle cutter was $ 10.00 and now I have the card I want!! Well, when I get our picture in it, I will!!

Got some ribbon from Walmart and Every thing's a Dollar.. 

both places it was only $1.00.. I got 6.. and will need more. 

I also picked up 10 of these bags at .75 each for the sugar scrubs. You use tissue paper too if you want to do it cheaper but you also don't have to wrap them.. A pretty bow will do it! 

Also I ordered the wood scoops that I am attaching to the sugar scrub jars HERE. They were $ 7.95 for 10. Great deal! Tie them on with a pretty ribbon and its a great gift! 

Here's the video link..

Have a a great Thursday. I have to get to bed.. I am having a lady over to check out the kittens tomorrow so I have to pick the house and get them ready! I love them and breeding and raising cats is amazing.. I get sad to see them go. I think this might just be the right house for Ferdinand. Its an older couple with no kids.. just cats. He needs a very low impact, quiet, easy going house. He is who I am worried about most. He is starting to become more confident but one set back could take months to over come. I walked in today and scared him and he ran straight under the couch! So I got him out and let him he was safe. So we will see how tomorrow goes. I turned down 4 people today on him. They had young children and I just don't feel that's the right home for him. I know many of you are reading this blog from the ad and I am sorry if I said no to you. I don't mean to offend or hurt anyone. But I know his personality better than anyone else and you wouldn't like it either. He would hide all the time. I am sure a child wouldn't like that either. All my kittens were extremely out going but he is different. He was the biggest but he was scared of his own shadow. Scott and I have worked with him as much as possible could and like I said.. he is JUST starting to become a little more confident. I am just thinking of what's best for him and also what's best for you family too. Hope you understand. Also if any of you guys like the blog, hang around!! I don't allow comments but you can always shoot me an email to 

Talk to you guys tomorrow..

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers


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