Friday, December 2, 2011

And then were NONE

Well just a few minutes ago I sold my last kitten. I don't mean the white one either... I mean the white one was first and then I was offered a great deal for Swagger and now I am kitty free. I will keep Swagger till Saturday because we are meeting them 1/2 way and that's an hour and a half drive for each of us. I have to admit, its hard selling him. I really didn't want to but a male from this litter will be hard to have in a cattery. He cant breed with his mom or sister and I would have to buy him his own female.. so I know its best - business wise -its best to let him go into another loving home. In this business of raising cats, the hardest part is not the up keep or expenses ( and they are high ) or any of that.. its saying goodbye to them. I love every kitten that comes from my home so much. My heart just keeps growing and growing. I can't tell you how much having this business and filled my life with joy. I can't think of any other job on the planet that would be better. This is where my heart is at. And my heart is spread all over North Carolina now. All over.. I will check on them from time to time so its important that I have a good relationship with the new owners. If you just bought a cat from me and reading this.. Thank you so much. Its more than my pleasure to bring these babies to world so they can love you as much you will love them. Also I have all your emails and will be letting you guys all know when we have another litter. In most cases you will get first choice if you want another one. So keep that in mind!

Scott is coming home early tonight and we are just going to lay back. I am skipping the married life post tonight and will have it up in a couple days. I want to spend time with my husband and my cats and just want to relax tonight.

I chat more later tonight before bed.


K Jaggers

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