Friday, December 2, 2011

Sleepy with a headache..


I am not feeling too good tonight. I dozed off a while ago.. woke up with a headache and and still dealing with the pain. I am still having issues over Swagger. I woke Scott up out of a dead sleep and told him I was changing my mind. He got up and talked to me and reassured me it was best.. I left that conversation with tears streaming down my face. The plan was always to keep him.. so this is harder than any of the rest. I really wanted to call and check on Ferdinand ( Wow.. can't remember his new name! shit.. um.. I think its Ody or something like that! ). He warmed right up to her today and I felt sooooo good about it. She has five cats and from the pictures she showed me, they are healthy.. and her home is beautiful and set up for cats. So he will do just fine there. Swagger is my heart.. and its going to break Saturday when I hand him over. The ONLY reason I am going ahead and selling him is he would have to be fixed and just be a house cat or I would have to get him a female of his own and keep him separated from his mom and Willow. So I know its best but I can't tell you how sad it makes me to sell him. However, there is a really happy woman about 2 hours away who is getting a new kitty for Christmas. Funny.. her husband is in the car business. We talked for a while and it seems like Scott and him are a lot a like..and he just got an puppy too.. English Bulldog. I do have a couple of questions I want to ask him tomorrow, but I think they will give this kitten a great home. Its just sad.. but I am hoping that once it's over.. I will be not be so sad. I am sure the ride home will be quiet. Sigh.. this is hard guys.. I mean it.. hard. He is sound asleep on my lap right now and I promise you, till Saturday we will be joined at the hip!

I am sorry D.T. for not getting an email out.. Its been really busy around here and I will try tomorrow to get it done! I start it.. then something happens and I have to stop. Just wanted you to know, I am thinking of you and hope your ok. I'm not..

I also have other emails to send too. Please be patient.. its been crazy around here. I have been really busy with selling the kittens all week long. I didn't prepare as I should have and the next litter will be totally different. Totally.. I think with the Holiday season, its just super busy around here. We are going to have a houseful for Christmas so I am trying to get a lot done.

I am off to bed. Also I am sorry for skipping the Married Life post. I had so much going on and I just didn't get to it.. but I did post the other surprise one this week with the top 5 things you should look for in a partner! Check it out!

To bed I go.. WITH SWAGGER.

K Jaggers

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