Thursday, September 15, 2011

Afternoon @ Sea!

So after the towel folding classes it wasn't long before we headed to the dining room for lunch. This is the only day they had lunch in the dining room. So we went.. and so did Mom, Don, Laci and Matt.

Choices choices..

Scott's lunch..

My lunch..

Afterwards we headed up to the lido deck to go enjoy some treats from the chocolate bar.. but we got side tracked by...

the ice carver!

He was demonstrating how fast and how good he could carve the ice..

Take a look1


In 17 minutes he was totally done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Scott and I really enjoyed watching it..

Then it was off to the chocolate bar!

Omg.. I was in heaven!!

Look at all the yummy treats!

Love this one!

Chocolate sushi!

Here is what I got!!

I love this sculpture!!

We were at the back of one of the dining rooms..

and I wanted to kinda show you guys what it looks like!!

This was our last day on the boat..

Stay tuned for the post of our last night!


K Jaggers

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