Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cozumel Mexico!!!!!!!!!!

Scott and I woke up and was in..

Cozumel Mexico..

Again it started out a little cloudy in the am..

But people were already off the boat going to explore!

I got this video from the front of the boat of the city!

Take a look!!!

It wasn't long before we were cleaning up and getting ready to go site see!

The water was amazing.. You cant tell in these pictures because it was

So cloudy but the water just sparkled!

We had another big boat parked right beside of us..

Out we go!!

The sun is out!

Scott and Don talking while I am busy taking pictures!!

Here we are!!

Our boat and us!!

Duty free shopping!!

Gold Man greeting us all!

On the way to free tequila samples..

Time to try them!

Lots of different ones up to taste..

So we all got a sample!

but I skipped out.. Tequila at 10 am is just not my thing!

Big bright port!

Wondering around!!

I love this square tree!

The sun came out and it was just beautiful!

There are the boats!

Scott and I are Carlos n Charlies

I love these seats!!

Time for a snack..

I asked what the white stuff on top of the guacamole was and he said its special Mexican Powder .. Yea.. I know all about that Mexican special powder! Tee hee!!! It was just powdered sugar!!

Here we are!

I love this mural!

We kinda split up from Mom and the group to go check out some other things but we met up at..

For some drinks and fun!

and look Beyonce in Mexico!


My biggest love!

Its going to get wild!! I can feel it!!

ohhh.. it was at this point that I called the vet to check on Gabby and found out she had 5 kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were all super happy to hear that news!

Mom loving her margarita!

Smile Scott!

Our view from the 2nd floor!

Really beautiful!

Here we are!!


Bottoms up!!

Scott and I left for a few minutes to go play in the water right across the street!

Here is he is!!

Getting his feet wet!

Here I am!

We headed back up to the bar and it was starting to get wild!

Megan and Laci!

Megan and Scott..

We invited some Russians over to sit with us!

Mom made fast friends with them!

Mom was really starting to feel good!!!

She was having a blast!!

It gets better..

Check out the video!!

Shelly put the chicken head on first and then mom followed!! It was funny.. funny.. funny!!!

Scott and I left the party early to go look around, head back to the boat and get ready for dinner..

Mexican Mickey D's!!

We were about 3 miles from the boat so we decided to get that horse and buggy to get us back!

Here we are!

Feet up relaxing taking in the sites!

Such a pretty area!

Smile baby!

Scott kept saying how he could live really well in Mexico.. and he did know enough Spanish to get everything we wanted! Kinda surprised me with that!

Mopeds every where!

God.. I love this man!!!!!!!!!!!


More locals!

Scott needed a black belt because I forgot to pack his..

He found one and on we went!

Back through the duty free shop to get to the boats!

Yes.. we got back to the boat in time! I was kinda worried about the others being they were really drunk but more about that later..

Love this picture of the boats!

Baby playing..

while his little shook the Marika's!

Time to get on the boat!

bye bike guy!!

K Jaggers

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