Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dinner Time!!

We all made it back on the boat.. thankfully.. and shortly there after , it was time for dinner!

Here is Mom and Don.. What a great picture huh?

Scott and I..

Laci and Matt..

I started off with the cold cucumber soup..

In it goes!

I love the color!

And it was actually really good!

Then I had the sushi starter. Scott also had the sushi starter too.. 2 of them actually!!

My dinner. It was a seafood pasta..

Scott got the beef brisket..

After dinner and before dessert, they put on a little show for us..

Have a look!!

It was really fun!

Now the best part of dinner..


My desert and coffee..

Scott's dessert..

This time when we got back to our room after dinner, we had a

Cute frog waiting on us!

Every night they sit out these little pamphlets telling us whats going on with the ship..

which was really handy..

Soon we were heading back down the elevator to go see a magic show!

We were both pretty tired so we didn't stay up that late but we were making our way to Cozumel while we were dreaming!

More to come!!!

K Jaggers

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