Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun Towel Folding 101

Friday Morning came and I was having serious problems getting out of the bed.. I had planned on going to the towel folding fun in the Rome Lounge. Scott was on me to get up.. I had decided the night before that I was skipping breakfast and having lunch in the dining room.. But mom was up and already heading down to go fold some towels! So reluctantly I got my butt out of the bed.. brushed my teeth..brushed my hair... and out the door I went.. Mom had already got my towels and was waiting on me! Scott tagged along too, so he could learn to make some cute animals out of towels too!

Getting started..

First step.

Scott working on the next step..

Mom watching and listening!

The next step.

Then some how you have to hold one of the end in your mouth and pull..

and then you have the body!

Ohhh.. forgot to tell you the first thing we made was a dog.. So thats the doggies body!

Now starting on the head..

Next Step..

and then do this..

and this..

now you have an upset down doggies head..

flip it over..

pull the ears down..

then put the head on the body..

And you have doggie towel! Now they tear little pieces of paper for the eyes.. but we didn't put eyes on any of the ones we made..

Now on to making a cute elephant!

Working on the body..

Baby moving right along with the class..

the body was pretty easy to make!

Now starting on the head..

body is standing upright..

Make a long carrot shape..

Roll up the trunk so it gets those pleats in it.. and flop over the ears

and you have a very cute elephant!!!

Then we were on to make mommy and baby seals!!

This one is quick..

basically the mommy seal

the baby seal..

put them together and your done!!

Then they started to have us fold the towels again..

but it was basically to teach the husbands in the class how to fold towels!

On the way out they were selling the Carnival Towel Creations book.

where all the proceeds go to Saint Judes Hospital..

So we got one..

Mainly for..

the kitty cat towel!!

Now I know you guys won't be able to make these with my shotty instructions and pictures but once we get moved.. I am going to practice really well and I will get a video of myself making some of the cute animals and video it so you can follow the step by step and do it yourself!!

What a fun class!!

Really happy I dragged my ass out of bed to do it!

K Jaggers

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