Thursday, September 15, 2011

Heading back to State Side...

So we made it back on board.. We went to our room and cleaned up a little bit..and then we went out to the decks to see if we could see anyone in our group getting back on the boat..

Here is baby looking over!

There is the other boat again!

Lots of people heading back!

I know its going to be hard to tell.. But Megan is in the hot pink shirt and Don is next to her.. Mom is no where in sight! But a few minutes later, we could hear mom.. and we also saw Matt and Mom boarding the boat!

Here I am..

Once we saw that most of our party was back on board, we headed to the buffet to get a late lunch.. I took this video just to show you guys the kind of food they have on the buffet.

Makes ya hungry doesn't it!

We headed back to the room afterwards.. took a nap and then cleaned up for dinner.

When we got to the table there was only a few of us there. Mom and Don were passed out in their room.. Laci and Matt were absent too.. and Megan was passed out in her room.. Laci did join us later but she was really buzzing.. I am surprised she made it!! After she was there for 20 minutes or so.. Matt came in too.. But Mom, Don, and Megan Never made it!

My starter..

Scotts starter..

Asparagus Soup..

I love the green color!

and it was really good..

Then I had a salad..

My dinner..

Scott got the same thing..

Scotts dessert.. as always.

My dessert..

I got this cheese plate to take back to the room for a late night snack!

When we got back to our room I found this cute...

Bunny waiting to greet us!

Then we headed up to the lido deck to check out the first foot ball game of the season..

The New Orleans and Greenbay game!

I wasn't too thrilled about it but sitting outside made it much better! I went into the dining room to get a drink and found Mom, Don, and Megan getting some food! Was really happy to see them!

Scott and Matt.

Bottoms Up

Mom was really really drunk when she got back on the boat. She even fell right in front of the cruise people so when she woke up.. she had this letter under her door!

Telling her she was cut off alcohol for her own safety. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She never gets into trouble so this was funny as hell.. Little did they know she had 7 bottles of her wine waiting for her in her room!

We all took off late that night to see a burlesque show..

Can you tell she is tired and hung over!!??

Laci and Matt

Scott and me!

I swear he never takes a bad picture!

The show was ok.. There are no pictures or videos allowed so I couldn't video it for you.. But we had a good time.. At this point it was after 1 am so we all headed back to our little rooms for some rest!

More to Come!!

K Jaggers

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