Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bye.. =(

Hello friends. I hope you guys are having a great night. I am going to go kinda go back to last night.. and show you what it was like around here! 

I had let laundry go for a couple days.. never a good idea in our house but I kinda took a break and last night it was laundry night so.. look who my helpers were! 

Kitty cats were everywhere.. Yes, I still have an older washer. I just can't get rid of it like that.. Kinda a pack rat of sorts and I am loyal to something that still works. However, husby might make me give it up some time soon in the future!


Here's sweet pea.. and she is now gone.. 

Swagger and he's still here.. yea!!

OMG.. is he not the freaking cutest cat ever.. Just look at that expression!!

Ferdinand being playful - still here!!

and Gizmo playing with a laundry basket..

And now he is gone.. 

Also last night.. the kitty cats had a little special time playing for the first time in some 


You can't give cat nip to young kittens but these guys are finally old enough to 

have some fun! 

Ferdinand was loving it! 

They were all loving it. I put it on the fireplace area and I even left it.. and some is on the carpet but it will vacuum right up tomorrow

It was well worth the mess because 

Ferdinand loved it so much ! He is a bit shy but he just had a blast. I loved watching him go from being scared of his own shadow to becoming more confident and more independent. He will make some one a very good cat. Scott loves the way he looks. 

Today when I woke up, I had calls and emails flying in. Dummy me, don't like voice mails so I leave my voice mails full but bad idea if your kittens go in the paper! I got busy and got that cleaned up after the first call.. and   I stayed on the phone all day dealing with this. I mean it was huge. I have had a turn out like this. Christmas kittys are a big hit!! 

I got all their bags

with instructions.

of course one for toys too! 

I got them all 

up.. receipts  made too. I should have been a little more organized but that will change with the next litter. Just a busy time of  year for us and I have been consumed with holiday stuff .. along with house stuff. 

I got it all boxed up along with their

ribbons... I love these little boxes.. They are small and have handles and make transporting anything super easy! 

Scott came home and we took off 

with the babies.. Here's Sweet Pea.. now known as MOCHA!! 

Here is my last picture with Sweet Pea..

and she looks so much like her mommy.. I'm going to miss her. My mom wanted her.. I should have maybe should have let her have MOCHA but she told me no!! But she did want her! 

She's got her bow on!!!

And here is my last picture with 

with my beloved Gizmo. Omg.. I am really going to miss him! Buy the way the are keeping his name Gizmo!! Its funny I am totally at 50/50 with either keeping the nick name I give and 1/2 of them have renamed them! I try to pick names that suit their personalities! Gizmo fits this little guy perfectly!!

He had a bow too! 

This is was my baby. He just melts into your arms. Sweetest little guy ever! 

We were gone from 6 till midnight. We did stop at a friends because I don't think hubby wanted to miss the end of a basketball game so we stopped for just about 30 minutes. I was exhausted and really wanted to get home, feed the cats and get in the bath.. and that's exactly what happened. The water so hot and comforting in my bath that I stayed in there for nearly 45 minutes. It felt amazing. 

Since.. I have emailed a friend, responded to some emails I received about the other two.. cleaned up the kitchen, really fast..tossed laundry around and here I am at 246 am exhausted and heading to bed really soon. If tomorrow is anything like today, I have a busy day. I took calls all day, along with sending emails but tomorrow.. calls and emails are fine but I have errands to run no matter what. I can limit them but I still have to get a few done before anything else. And I won't be out of bed early either. I will try to be up by noon.. and that alone will help. It will take a hour or so to get ready and then hopefully I can get it all done in an hour or so or maybe two. 

I hope the kittens are doing well. I know it must be scary to be in a new home but I know they will be loved. I mean how can you not love them? I got some pictures after we got home and they look settled. I will post them sometime soon. They are on my phone and I don't feel like uploading them right now. I am just wore out.. 

I hope you guys have a great Wednesday. Here's some inspiration for you. 

I am so grateful for being blessed to have such beautiful kittens, enjoying all the love and happiness and now passing it on.. and they are passing it on. One of the kittens is going to a woman's brother. He lost his, and she is passing it on. Its love.. and nothing is better than that. 

Also.. thank you baby for driving so much and doing all kinds of kitty cat duties for us tonight! I know you were tired and I appreciate it. I love you..

Its bitter sweet you guys. I haven't cried but come close a couple of times. I have to keep telling myself that this is NOT the last litter or last kitten that will come my way. Nope.. I'm just getting started!! 

Sweet Dreams! 


K Jaggers

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