Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Decorations with 5 VIDEO's !! =))

Late night hello friends..

Its been a loooooong day but I am finished with everything that I am doing today and I am happy happy with the decorations that we got up today.. Still more to go but here's how the day went!

First off, we got the tree brought in..

and the kitty cats loved it!

They were bouncing all over it..

Here's a video for ya!

Those little cats get into everything!

Mean while..

husby was busy getting lights up outside..

and it was pretty easy.. we only did the front porch and..

it doesn't hurt that he's tall! He was on a ladder but for the most part.. he could reach without it!

Almost done!!

I was busy getting the lights up on the tree and

Getting the ornaments out and organized!!

Here's another video!

Pretty ornaments huh!?

I then started getting the ribbons on..

I think ribbons and bows make any tree look beautiful!

see how sweet that is..

But I forgot something!! Just wait you will see!!


Lights are up and on!

And I think it kinda looks enchanting with the lights. Pretty!!

As you can see, I forgot to add the pink lights before the bows and ribbon!! Thank goodness, I didn't have the ornaments up at that point!!


Now the pink lights make it look better!!

And it's done!!

Here's another video!!

I just think this tree is so


And one of my favorite parts of it is..

this adorable poodle tree skirt!!

Husby then got busy with the

Train that was going in that area above the door!

Again thank goodness he's tall!

Pretty huh!?

I got that on video too!

I have been wanting to fill that little

area up for a while now!!

Also got a little bit of the mantel done.. still more to do on this too!

But the pretty snow flakes are hanging from it!

Scott also hung

this big ornament up too.. BTW.. those boxes are to prevent the kittens from going over!

And we have Santa to greet people

right in the entrance!

So see.. I didn't forget you guys today! I was just busy!!

Hope you like the decorations!


K Jaggers

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