Monday, November 28, 2011

Nighty Night..

3 am and I really need to be getting to bed. One good thing about tomorrow is I am on MY schedule, no one elses, so I am going to sleep and dream as much as much as I want. Clean what I want, blog when I want and not have a care in the world in regard to time.

It was a long day for me. I don't know why I was so tired by the end of the night but I sure was feeling it about 9 pm. I should have just called it a night at that point and went to bed but that didn't happen.

Btw.. is that not the sweetest picture? My kittys mean so much to me. I can't stand to think about the calls that are going to be coming in this week of possible new owners for them. It makes me sad..but its ok.. I don't have to sell any of them if I don't want to but its best.. Got to make room for the next litter. And, no ... none of the girls are pregnant right now..I am hoping by spring or summer that will be changed!

Check this poster out..

Is that not funny! If you are a cat owner you will for sure know how true it is!

I did manage to do my nails tonight and I FOR SURE have a new FAVORITE COLOR!!!! Yep.. I am excited with this color I have on and I am going back to get a few more bottles sometime soon. I love it.. and will post pictures tomorrow.. I will give you a hint..its # 370.. You know what, if you can guess the color and it to an email to be before I wake up tomorrow ( prob 1 pm'ish ) I will buy you a bottle too! I love it that much!

I am sure loving the holiday decorations around here tonight. The lights are twinkling and the snow flakes look so pretty hanging from the fireplace. I can't see the tree unless I am in the other part of the house but when I walk by those french doors I see..

and those doors are a life saver. We had both french doors wide open and we thought the kittys were doing so good leaving it alone. We leave the house for 30 minutes and come home and there are 4 ornaments on the floor along with a kitty toy.. So they were busted and we shut the door! It's pretty in there even though those doors!

I got another new series coming up on here for TUESDAY"S.. I will tell you more about it tomorrow but I think its going to be fun and informative! Can't wait to show you what I came up with.. from cleaning up the study!

Also..I promise that this upcoming week, I will be working on getting some of the homemade gift ideas and instructions up on here for any of you that want to make some too! That email from that 16 year old was so kind and sweet and I hope that everyone knows that Christmas is not just about getting people things. It is also about putting your heart into it and making gifts of love too. I am doing a mix of both!

Well.. its late, I need sleep.

I hope you guys have a great Monday. Its suppose to be cold and rainy here all day so another great reason to sleep in and stay home!


K Jaggers

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