Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Terrific Tip Tuesday!!!

Wine stain...well pour a little Morton's salt on top & it will absorb the wine.

Need a all purpose stain lifter...use a little Colgate tooth paste...paste kind

Try a bit of  Kyro syrup on those pesky grass stains...

  A little bit coca-cola on a driveway to get rid of those grease stains {let sit overnight}

 Wax stain place a paper towel and iron the stain it lifts it to the towel...{repeat with new fresh towel}

Crayon on a wall? try that trusty Colgate paste and brush!

Ballpoint ink can be removed by rubbing alcohol...this works!!!

Is your iron sticking...try rubbing it gently over a piece of paper sprinkled with salt! Now if its dirty...rub it with a steal wool soap pad and run it over a piece of wax paper! it will be shiny...and smooth!

Do you have small burns/balls all over your sweet sweater...try using a small disposable razor skim over them and that will do the trick! be gentle!

Do you have any tips you want to share!!?? 

Email me!

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