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Hello friends. I should be in bed but I am wide awake.. I suppose that might have something to do with the coffee I had an hour or so ago! Husby likes to keep the house so much colder than I do and I was freezing.. I guess I should have had hot chocolate instead of coffee!

Hope everyone had a beautiful Saturday!!

I worked around the house a lot in the early part of the day..

My main goal was getting the study cleaned up for the Christmas tree.

And for the most part it's done..

That window

right there leads to the front porch..

And the good thing about putting the tree in this room is that

it has these pretty doors on it.. and will keep the kitty cats from tearing it up!

The walls are green.. which is festive however, its not the colors we put on the tree!

Anyway.. I should tell you that just a bit ago, I tried uploading the pictures I took this evening with my phone, and my memory card kept throwing errors.. Well, I was none too happy and ended up having to re format it and lost all my old pictures.

Thankfully, I got had my camera too and ended up taking a lot of pictures with that too!

So all these pictures are from my camera.

We had the most beautiful

sky tonight.

Every time I looked at it..

I was lost in the beauty.

Really enchanting kind of sky!

Anyway, we had some things to do and on our way home we stopped by this Greek/ Italian restaurant that I had been wanting to try. It took a little effort getting husby to go in because as you guys know, he doesn't like pasta.

But we got in there and this is where I wish my phone pictures because I took a lot of the restaurant but I also took some pictures of the food with my regular camera..

This salad was so much better than expected..

Scott got

wings.. Not surprising huh?

And they came with all the

stuff wings come with!

I got the..

Spaghetti Carbonara..

And it was a

HUGE plate!!

Let me tell you..

it was amazing. I was totally shocked by this food. It was so retro in there with all the wood and old jars.. I really didn't have my hopes up about the food but it was amazing!!

We came home afterwards and just kinda hung out. Not much happened the rest of the night.. I blogged some, watched tv, enjoyed huge bubble bath, and cleaned up around here. Not too exciting for a Saturday night!

I guess now is ok to kinda explain what happened with the dealership. A couple people were let go because of their own actions.. husby's boss was one of them. So now Scott is basically doing it all. Its a huge opportunity for him. I must say the car business is cut throat and they don't mess around. He's been working really hard the past week and its been hard to get any time with him when work is not taking over his every thought! I am proud of him for stepping up and doing what he knows to do. I am sure he is doing an amazing job. I won't and can't get into any details because it would be wrong but all is working out ok and we are just taking it day by day. I can't promise that we won't have to move again one day but whatever.. I will follow him any where and we will be ok with whatever situation happens. Trying to stay stable in this business takes an act of God!! One thing for sure though my husband knows the car business better than anything else in his life. He makes me so proud with how hard he works. He gives me a beautiful life and I am one lucky and blessed lady for sure! ♥

On to notes about the blog and Christmas. I got the sweetest email from a teen age girl tonight saying she does not have much money for Christmas and saw some of my gift ideas that were cheap and still really nice. She wanted to know what holiday gifts I am making myself because she needs ideas.

So, I sent the message back and now I am going to answer it on here too for you guys.

I don't know how many of these items I making but here is what I have came up with so far.

[ Homemade Sugar Scrubs in pretty jars ]

[ Drink mixes in pretty jars ]

[ Muffin mixes in pretty canisters ]

[ Movie Night in a bag ( you will have to buy a movie though for this one! ) ]

[ Special kitchen salts, like rosemary salt ]

[ dog and cat snacks ]

Now, I am not buying for a ton of people this year.. I am just not doing it. I am buying for the kids and for our parents and for Scott. I am a couple friends something too but that's about it. If you are at my house on Christmas, I will be buying for you. But for the most part, I'm not doing a ton of shopping and going into debt for Christmas. We are a single income family - well with the exception of the cattery - and we are just not going to flip out over spending tons of money. I am thinking a thousand dollars should do it.

My daughter has become really materialistic and its just not making me happy. But she has a limit.. just like the rest of the kids. I will be sending her some of the home made stuff too!

I think I will go ahead in the coming days and get the recipes posted on here for you to have in case you want to make some yourself. I am going to have to sit down and figure out who I am making what for but I figure I will be making stuff for about maybe 10 people or so.. per item.

Also I am doing some photo gifts too. Yep.. super easy and nice gifts to give anyone!

I think the home made gifts, when done right will be beautiful to give anyone.. maybe a neighbor or a teacher or anyone you don't want to spend a lot on but want them to know that you are thinking of them over the holiday. I think that's what matters most. I might even make some to give to the wives of the salesmen at the dealership. God knows, I am not giving the office girls anything but I have met some of the salesman's wives and I might just surprise them with something too.

When making the gifts above the most expensive thing will be the jars used. You can some really cute ones for next to nothing... and then some cute ribbon and things to decorate the jars with. Besides that it should be pretty easy. A lot of these gifts, I won't be making till around the week before Christmas because I want them as fresh as possible. I don't think that will really matter but.. I have everything planned out and that's when I will be making it.. I might have to change it, if I am mailing anything.. Have to wait and see! Anyway, I hope that answers a few questions for you.

And thank you for the email.. it was really sweet. I am sure your family would love some of the gifts I mentioned above. The movie night in a bag would great for your father! I haven't figured out everything I am going to include in it but its going to be a movie, snacks, popcorn and what ever else I can think of to add! And your mom would love any of the other items!!

And of course if you are making the dog and cat treats you are going to have to find a cute cookie cutter in the shape of a dog bone and maybe a fish or something.. Still trying to figure out how to make the kitty treats. Dog treats are easy.. kitty treats are harder because they have to be much smaller! And with those items you will want to get some of the clear bags back in the craft department at Walmart or a craft store and tie up with a pretty ribbon. You can also find the dog bone cookie cutters at Walmart too. That's where I saw them! Every single thing you need for any of the above gifts can be found at Walmart.. and the stuff does not cost that much.. Promise!!

Well, its late so I better be ending this. I was on the phone with my mom for a long time and that conversation kinda took over and this is being posted at 4 am!!

In bed I go.. but hope you

Talk to you in the afternoon!

Ohhh.. be sure to check out the WEEKEND NOTES because its up! Get your paper because you are not going to want to miss out on the coupons!!


K Jaggers

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