Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NEW Blog Series!!

While I was cleaning up the study for the Christmas tree, I stumbled across some of my mother in law's books...

That has a ton of tips and tricks for any house hold.. I was thumbing through them I saw some GREAT tips that I want to share with you guys.. Soooo.. I am going to be Starting a new series on Tuesdays called...

That's all going to be..

I am super excited about this! I also have a few other books of hers that is basically the same thing.. like

This book looks old and looks like she used it a lot! When I started going through these books last night, I was shocked with how much I was learning..

So tomorrow we will have our first post of the series!! I will do a little link at the top of the blog , with the others that will take you to the current weeks post but you will also be able to click on the label HOUSEHOLD TIPS AND TRICKS to get to the rest of them!


Wish I would have went through these books sooner!

If you have any fun household tips, either cleaning or kitchen or pets.. you name it.. Send them in so I can share them with everyone!

K Jaggers

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