Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Anyone who knows me knows I am a free sample nut! I find and order free samples all the time. I am addicted to it.

 Lots of different people ask me where to find them so here are some of my favorites.

This is a great place to start. Walmart is updating with new samples daily and they never charge shipping and handling.


here are many different sample categories and you have to take your time to go through them but I ind lots of samples from this site.

I have used this site for many years. There are also lots of different kinds of samples. Great site to find samples on.

They are always updating this site too. Lots of goodies on it too.

This is a new site I found just a couple months ago, but really like it. Find lots of stuff there too.

This site is good too. Lots to choose from.

This is a free sample site for wedding freebies. Since Scott and I are planning a wedding I am starting to find lots of free wedding sample sites.

So here are the sample websites that are being requested! I don't always use the samples when they come in. I have a big shoe box that I put all the samples in and use them later when I am going on a trip (perfect for airplanes because the size of them) or save the dog food samples for trips with cooper in the car, or use them durning a hard week. The food samples I use right away if I have to. Otherwise they go in the box too.

I get make up samples that are great to store but if I am having to go get new make up I can test the colors and products before buying. They usually send coupons with the sample so that helps too.

And to be perfectly honest, if I find a sample I love, I order one in my name, Scott's name and each of the kids names. You would be amazed at how much you can get and save up by doing this.

I also emailed some companies re products that I loved and requested more samples and coupons and I got a ton of stuff in the mail from them. So if you take the time, you can find lots of ways to get the products you love and the ones you would like to try for nothing.


K Jaggers

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