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The Best New And Updated iPhone Apps Of The Week, November 6-12, 2011


The Best New And Updated iPhone Apps Of The Week, November 6-12, 2011

The AppAdvice iPhone App Of The Week:



Photogene² for iPhone, Released November 10, $.99

Photogene² Is A Powerful And Feature-Packed Successor That Belongs In Your Photo App Collection

Photogene² for iPhone by Omer Shoor is a completely new app from it’s predecessor, reworked from the ground-up. It’s much faster, sleeker, and just plain awesome.

With Photogene², you have the option to import photos from your device or snap new ones.

If you choose to snap a new photo from the app, you’ll have a curved toolbar at the bottom. The option for flash and front-facing camera (iPhone 4 and 4S) are at the top. The bottom toolbar will have five buttons: close (go back to the Camera Roll), Last Photo, Shutter, Stabilizer, and Filters. The stabilizer will make it so that the app only takes a photo when the phone is completely steady, which is great for those of you with shaky hands. The filters will allow you to get a live preview of the shot and how it looks with the applied filter. Selecting one will have it be applied on the viewfinder, and you can shoot the photo that way.

For those that want to use Photogene² to edit existing images, no problem. You will have access to the Photo Library on your device as soon as the app is opened (with the camera option in the top left corner). Your albums will be separated into what appears like stacks of Polaroids, and any time there is a new photo added (like if you take a screenshot), the Photogene² will automatically update the albums accordingly. When you go to view an album, your images will appear in thumbnails. There are three thumbnail sizes: small, medium, and large.

New Releases

Audium, Released November 8, $.99

Audium’s Gestures And Sleek Design Make Music Listening Pure Bliss

Audium by Mic Pringle is a gorgeous, gesture driven music player for the iPhone. The intuitive touch interface and beautiful design are what make this app a winner.

You are presented with your albums, and cover art, in a tidy row on the bottom of the screen. At times, this made me more aware of how many albums I lack the art for. Nevertheless, use your finger to scroll through your albums and pull down on the cover to view the album name.

To play the selected album, just double tap it. Once it’s playing, you can swipe up and down on the screen to adjust the volume or double tap the album to toggle play/pause. If you want to skip ahead, or even listen to preview tracks, swipe right for the next song and left for the previous.

Blueprint 3D

Blueprint 3D

Blueprint 3D, Released November 10, $.99

FDG Entertainment Releases Blueprint 3D, A Puzzle Game With More Depth Than Ever Before

FDG Entertainment, the creators of titles such as Cover Orange and Beyond Ynth, brings you another puzzler, Blueprint 3D, one that takes place in multiple dimensions.

When I heard the name Blueprint 3D, I didn’t know what to expect. But now that I’ve had a chance to try it, I can say without any doubt that Blueprint 3D is one of the most unique puzzle games I’ve ever experienced. Honestly, not even the clever title will prepare you for what this app offers.

In this game, you’re required to make the blueprints of buildings, digital age devices, medieval weaponry, objects related to astronomy, and so on appear in their original form. The pieces of each blueprint exist on all three axises of three-dimensional space. Using a single finger, you can spin the entire set of pieces on all axises. When controlling the area with two fingers, the pieces only turn on one axis. Your goal is to determine which way to rotate these supposedly chaotic groups of lines so that the final perspective creates a 2-D schematic of an object: SIM card, battle axe, etc.


Wall Of Sound, Updated November 7, Free & Universal

Wall Of Sound, A New Way To Listen To Your Music

If you like the iTunes Artwork screen saver on your Mac, you will probably like Wall Of Sound by NuageProduction.

The app does what the title suggests: it takes the album artwork from the music in your iTunes library and creates a “wall” on your iPhone or iPad screen. You can limit said wall to a specific genre, or let it all in.

You can drag the wall in any direction, even diagonally, and more albums will appear. You can also pinch to resize the albums. Once you find something you want to listen to, simply tap the album. It will bring up a detailed view and start playing the first song.

Apple Store, Updated November 8, Free

Apple Store iOS App Gets A Major Update – Adds Personal Pickup, EasyPay And Tracking

Apple has just updated its “Apple Store” iOS application, adding three major features: Personal Pickup, EasyPay and tracking.

Personal Pickup allows users to purchase an item from the Apple Online Store and pick it up from an Apple Retail Store. Apple notes in the application’s release notes that “[m]ost in-stock orders are available for pickup within an hour.”



Meteora+, Updated November 10, $3.99 & Universal

Take To The Air And Avoid The Trees In Meteora+

Meteora+ by Andy Abgottspon is an arcade game that has an airplane flying low along the surface of various types of terrain, where all have trees to be avoided and portals need to be collected.

There are two types of control available: accelerometer and gestures.

With the former, you control direction of the plane by tilting left or right. You don’t have to worry about accelerating yourself forward or moving up and down; the plane flies at a constant speed and automatically adjusts its height to match the terrain.

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The Best New And Updated iPhone Apps Of The Week, November 6-12, 2011
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