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The Best New And Updated iPhone Apps This Week, November 20-26, 2011


The Best New And Updated iPhone Apps This Week, November 20-26, 2011

The AppAdvice iPhone App Of The Week:

JabMe, Updated November 23, Free

XVision Adds Twitter Integration To Their Latest Game And Social Entertainment App, JabMe

XVision’s new social entertainment app, JabMe, is a great way to have some fun and express thoughts, feelings, and more in a unique. Even though JabMe was designed to utilize the convenient, versatile, and free aspects of Apple’s Game Canter and Push notification systems, the app also features integration with Facebook and now Twitter.

That’s right, XVision has added integration of the second largest social network. Enabling access is as simple as tapping once on the “i” in the top-right to enter the JabMe settings panel and then a single tap on Twitter Sign-In thanks to iOS 5′s OS-wide Twitter support.

With JabMe, friends can perform a virtual poke or punch, throw a chicken or elephant at each other, and tons more to get someone’s attention, create a ruse, or just to give yourself a great laugh out loud moment by sending a brief message with a crazy sound, song, or phrase. It can be as basic as “@username pokes you” with a silly “ouch” audio clip accompanying it to as thoughtful as a short heartfelt message with a love song melody attached. JabMe includes the poke and punch actions to get you started, and more are available for $.99 per grouped 10-pack via in-app purchase. Listen to each action and make any purchases within the action selection menu.

New Releases

Snap Trap, Released November 21, $2.99

Help This Hungry Mouse To Reach The Cheese While Avoiding The Traps In Snap Trap

Snap Trap by 8 Bit Grenade is a puzzle game that has a hungry mouse, who just wants to eat as much cheese as possible. Unfortunately, to get it, he must navigate through mazes with hazards, such as mousetraps.

To start playing a level, tap the mouse and be prepared to have him start moving forward. You can’t stop his forward movement, but you can control his direction. By tapping on the screen to the side of the mouse’s head, you will cause the mouse to make a sharp turn and start moving in that direction.



Stamped, Released November 21, Free

It’s About Time For Your Favorite Things To Get Stamped

Stamped by Stamped, Inc. is an elegant way to recommend stuff you approve of to your friends.

It seems that rate-everything apps are the new trend lately. It seems to have started with Oink from Milk Inc., which we reviewed earlier this month. However, I’m becoming more of a Stamped fan than Oink, even though Stamped just came out yesterday. Why is this? Let’s go over that now.

The first thing that caught my attention about Stamped is how minimal, yet elegant, the user experience and interface is. While Oink looks great too, let’s admit it, there’s a lot going on in terms of the interface. Stamped is much more simple – rather than having icons and photos everywhere, there are simply a list of items that friends have “stamped,” meaning they approve and recommend it. There isn’t the convoluted love/like/ho-hum/dislike system – if an item gets a stamp, it’s approved and recommended to others. It’s just that simple. The typography just works, and it’s easy to sort through items too. If you use Oink and try Stamped, it’s hard to say that Oink is better, as far as design goes.

Wolfram Flight Information Reference App, Released November 21, $1.99 & Universal

The Wolfram Flight Information Reference App Launches On iOS

Less than a week after updating its search functionality to include real-time flight information about planes flying overhead, the folks at Wolfram Alpha LLC are including the technology in a new iOS app. The Wolfram Flight Information Reference App is available now for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

Available for $1.99, the universal app could very well become the only flight tracking app iOS owners ever need going forward. The Wolfram Flight Information Reference App includes real-time data on flight arrivals and delays worldwide, plus scheduled and actual times for takeoff and landing. In addition, users can track details for each flight, including maximum altitude, cruising speed and aircraft information.

Box Cat, Released November 23, $1.99 & Universal

Rush Hour Takes On New Meaning In BoxCat

Box Cat by Rusty Moyher has you counterintuitively running your cat character into traffic.

Why did the cat cross the road? To smash the car on the other side, of course. That’s the premise of this game, where you play the role of Box Cat.

Cars will zip by on a busy intersection and you’ll need to use the directional controls or tilt your iDevice to make Box Cat smash into them. How can a cat survive laying the smackdown on cars? His boxiness, I guess. But that’s not the point.




Todo, Updated November 21, $4.99

Todo Gets An Update – Adds iCloud Support, Makes General Improvements

The popular task management iPhone app, Todo, has received an update. Now, users of the application can take advantage of support for iCloud, meaning their pending tasks will sync between iOS devices running Todo. Furthermore, a variety of tweaks and improvements mean the $4.99 app is now better than ever before.

As outlined in the application’s release notes, changes made in the latest version of Todo (5.0) include:

  • New support for iCloud for devices running iOS 5
  • Incredible speed improvements for Dropbox synchronization
  • Fixed task priority synchronization with Outlook
  • Fixed tag deletion sync problem with Toodledo
  • Fixed Todo Online subscription problem
  • …and over 70 additional enhancements and bug fixes and based on your feedback. Thank you

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The Best New And Updated iPhone Apps This Week, November 20-26, 2011
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