Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coupon HELP!!!

I am learning to coupon day by day. There is so much to all this coupon stuff and I know that I am smart enough to figure it out. Remember those little Journals that I showed you guys in this Organziational VIDEO Post?? Well, those little books have been filling up with tons of coupon information!! I am just trying to keep it all straight. Hell, I might have to dedicate a journal just to couponing before its over!!

Anyway, got some more coupon news for you guys tonight!! Like I said.. Tons and Tons of ways to coupon now.. its not just about clipping coupons anymore!!

Have you signed up for SavingStar e-coupons? This site works a lot like Cellfire e-coupons if you're familiar with them, but you'll find different grocery and drugstores participating. And with SavingStar, your coupon savings goes into an account that adds up over time. You can cash out your savings for a check, a deposit to your Paypal account, an Amazon gift card, or other options. Current coupons at SavingStar include Huggies, Quaker, Smart Balance, Barilla pasta and sauce, and more. Click here to find participating stores, sign up and load your electronic coupons.

By the way, SavingStar has an iphone and android app, so you can view and activate coupons wherever you are!!

Also be sure to check out the coupons at→, , RedPlum, Coupon Network, and  Target!!

Hope you are having a great night!


K Jaggers

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