Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dancing.. Dancing.. Dancing.. with the STARS!!!

Ok friends.. You know I LOVE ballroom dancing by now.. I had to been a dancer in one of past lives because my legs even twitch when I am watching!! Last night's dances were the best yet!! I loved them!! I didn't get a post done last night because we were still all upset over the dog.. and I just didn't get it done..

So first.. here are the dances from last nights dances..

First off this was THE BEST DANCE OF THE NIGHT.. 10's across the board.. I mean.. JR can really dance and he looks beautiful doing it.. This was one of my most favorite dances of his EVER!!

I am pretty sure you all know my love affair with Max but that's not the only reason I loved this dance.. I think this was by far one of the best dances for Hope in the entire season!

I also loved Ricki's dance too..

And here is Nancy's dance..

I love Nancy but I don't know how she made it this far!

I am not crazy about Rob Kardashian so I didn't put it on here. Sorry.. I just didn't see the point.. These are MY favorite dances and dancers..

Now also last night, they a instant dance..

Again.. JR did amazing!!!!! All 10's again!!

Now.. here is sexy boy..

Is that just not a beautiful man!? I might get into trouble with the husby for this but I could watch that beautiful man all night long.. WOW!!!!!

And here is...

and I think it was pretty good.. I love Derek.. Think he is another one of those great great dancers..

And here was Nancy's instant dance..

I can't believe she did a cart wheel.. Ummm... ok!! Again.. I don't know how she made it this far!

Soooo.. by now many of you know you got voted off..

It was between Rob K. and Nancy G.

Wonder who it is!!!!??????

It was..


Can't say I didn't see that coming!!

Also tonight on Dancing with the Stars they had the Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour - Cirque Du Soleil.. They were AMAZING!!!

I couldn't find the actual dancers on youtube, I think, because it aired just a few minutes ago.. But here is the trailer..

I loved it and going to see if I can find tickets to a show that will be in our area in the coming months!

Well tonight has been a video night with the GUN VIDEO POST and now this one!!!

I love Dancing with the Stars.. and I think we all know who is going to win it!!! We will just have to wait to find out.. Can't wait till next Monday!!

Let me know what your thoughts are on it!!

K Jaggers

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