Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dark'thirty has arrived..

Well its 6 pm here and it just got dark a little while ago. I just got home for going to look for the dog.. This last trip was 1 of 5 trips out today. This time I stopped and actually talked to a lot of people in our area and NO ONE has seen him.. Not good news.. I was actually hoping at least one person would have seen him.. That makes me wonder if he is not hurt back in the woods some where. What to do?? What to do ?? Scott and I were actually pretty upset with each other earlier.. but things have calmed down and I think its just the stress of the dog missing on us both. I don't know what to do at this point except stay on top of the animal shelter, keep looking, post signs and stay active looking for him. And keep praying. If that dog doesn't come back.. looks like I am going puppy shopping around Christmas. I think all animals can be replaced. I know that sounds cold.. but this is not our kids.. not our parents.. and I think we could get another one that would bring the same amount of happiness to our home that Cooper did.. I am still holding out hope that he is coming home. It does feel kinda pointless looking for him.. This is the 2nd day straight of searching and not 1 person has seen him. So I don't know.

I did manage to get to the store today thank goodness. We have food in the freezer but we were running low on every day stuff. I have took pictures though out the day.. I will try to get some of those posted later tonight. I have got to do something to keep that dog off my mind. I mean, he is on my mind ALL the time but I have to get back to normal. I don't think it will be " normal " around here until he is home but I have dedicated so much time to looking for him that I am wearing out. I am tired tonight. I guess that's a good thing.. maybe I will be able to sleep.  It took a while last night to fall asleep but I got some new curtains hung up and I was able to sleep in a bit today without the bright sun waking me. Its crazy because we have some really expensive blinds that were custom made for the windows upstairs but they still let in so much light .. But I was awake by around 11 am because Scott wanted me to wake up and go look for the dog. I bet no one believes I got up that early, do ya!? I did.. I didn't blog much today because of the dog situation. I was also frustrated with husby because of him treating me badly because he is upset Cooper is gone. We seemed to work all that out today. So I think we just have to be strong and keep looking for the dog! We are just upset.. I don't think we are really upset with each other. Just over the situation.

So did you guys see the verdict for the Conrad Murry trial. GUILTY.. Can't say I didn't see that coming.. First off, I wouldn't want to be in court waiting on my verdict after the mess of the Casey Anthony trial. No way.. And I think that when you use a drug like he used, outside a hospital setting..and you kill someone.. you are going to jail. What I didn't expect was them to lock him up right after the verdict. I thought he would stay out on bond until sentencing. But the judge wasn't hearing it and locked his ass up with out bond until sentencing on November 29th. So not a good day for him either.

Scott won't be leaving work till about 8 pm so I think I am going to lay back for a few minutes and close my eyes. I am just making BLT's for dinner so I can make that fast once he does get back here. Also Dancing with the Stars is on tonight and I am ready to see them dance!

I will be back later to talk more with you guys! I will get that movie review up tonight and a few other post too.. so stay tuned.. I will be back!


K Jaggers

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