Saturday, November 12, 2011

Date Night in the Jaggers House

Late night hello to everyone!

Tonight we had a really nice night. Scott got off work at 6 pm and I was so ready to see him I practically tackled him walking in the door! We didn't really do anything.. had some wine, skipped dinner and just had a great time just being with each other. We finally ended up in bed watching a movie together.. and holding each other. Gosh.. that man makes my heart skip a beat! I am sure a few of you get tired of hearing how in love I am with my husband. It's not a joke. I mean I think one of the biggest contributions to my happy marriage is all those damn frogs I had to kiss before I got my prince. I know what a crappy relationship is. I know what it was to be abused. I know what it was to be lied to and cheated on. I know what it was like to go through a HORRIBLE divorce to a man I never even loved only after 5 months of marriage and now, I know what it is to live a life of happiness with a man that I adore. I appreciate it. I know how much it means and I know that the next second is not promised to Scott and I. We have to just focus on the moment and try to not plan too far out because what matters is - right now -. When I received an email the other night actually questioning my marriage and my happiness, it made think a little bit. I should say that while I am very very happy with my husband, the soul who lives in his flesh, there are days that life is still hard. We have fights like everyone else ( not that many ) but we do fight at times. I piss him off, he pisses me off. We have some debt that most married couples have. He works a lot and I miss him a lot days. He has habits that I don't like as I have some he doesn't like. He scares me to death when he is driving and I upset him when I am driving. Some days he comes in the house after being gone 10 + hours and starts messing with things like the ceiling fans or tv settings, etc and it drives me crazy. But all that really doesn't matter. Its just noise. What matters most is how we feel about each other. I won't lie I have been in a few relationships where I just found boring. I hated it. I really did. The man I am married to is far from boring. He makes me laugh more than anyone else in my entire life.I never realized with all those failed relationships that humor is a great great personality trait to have in a mate. I have a pretty dry sense of humor and he more than makes up for it! What has kept me here is here is his love but what also really helps is that I am still attracted to this man like I was the first day. I am serious. Just the fact alone that 8 years in and I am not just brain dead bored, shows me that God himself has a hand on my life. I am so happy with him and I just want more and more time. Its not fake and its not a lie. I am such a blessed girl. I couldn't have asked for more. Well, that might not be true.. I wish he would have came sooner. Actually he did, I just didn't pay attention. I know many of you are a marriage where things are stale but you have to do the work and make it happen. You have to make time for each other. Have date nights, make time in the bedroom, get to know who you are spending your life with. And above all, make a lot of great memories, smile, and laugh a lot!

I know I talk about him a lot but he just inspires me, in terms of love. I am full to the brim with thoughts on Scott Jaggers. When he walked in the door tonight.. he looked so good in this suit that I seriously took a deep breath because he is just so good looking to me and lives here!!! The one thing that is true is this.. when you give love you get love. That is what our lives are about. He feels how I much him and I feel how much he loves me. That why it works!

Ok.. enough with the love talk!

On to blog notes!!

I am working on WEEKEND NOTES and should have that up by late Saturday night. I hope you all took advantage of the sale information. I stayed out of the drug stores this past week. I have so many products that I need to do reviews for first, so I am trying to slow down. I also have Christmas shopping coming up to do, so I need to focus on that instead of buying make up for myself. So plan on seeing lots and lots of reviews. While this is not a beauty only blog, make up and beauty are a huge passion of mine so I dedicate a lot of time to it! I get your feedback, I try to answer most emails, and I know most of you love the beauty talk!

Tomorrow I am making that chicken pot pie. I will for sure take a million pictures and post it on here for you guys. Another thing that I am passionate about is food. I have been really trying to cut cost with the grocery bill. I will be doing a post about it soon. The grocery store is where I tend to get carried away. One month alone we spent over $ 650.00 on food. Grocery's... not eating out. and I know I can feed us well for much less. I have had a ton of request for low cost meals and fast meals. With the roasted chicken meal ( you can find it HERE ) the chicken only cost $ 5.00. Can you believe that?? You add the veggies and you might have $ 10.00 in the entire meal and that's pushing it. I am using all the left overs in the chicken pot pie so that is one hell of a good deal. And its really delicious! So try it. I promise I will get more of those kinds of meals up on here for you guys!

Also tomorrow I will have the video of the powder room video up! I hope you guys like it. It's just a over view of it and my make up. Nothing too detailed but I hope the video answer's your questions. Again email me - - and let me know what you want to see more of!

Tomorrow cannot be a lazy day for me. I have laundry to do, kitchen floor to mop, and I have got to pick this place up. The last couple of days, I have done the minimal around here. Not cooking for 2 nights has left me with a sink full of coffee cups and spoons. I haven't done dishes in a couple days.. Thank goodness we have a lot of cups! But yea.. house cleaning day tomorrow! Husby gets home early too and always presents a challenge. When he is here, I don't get a lot done because I am just spending time with him. But, I will do my best to do both and get new post up!

Well its 251 am and I need to get to bed soon.. I know tomorrow/today is Saturday!! I can't believe I got that so mixed up!

Sweet dreams

Have a great weekend!

K Jaggers

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