Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The End Of My Day

Hello everyone!

 Hope you had a really good Tuesday. It was a busy day around the house for me. I woke up, had 1 cup of coffee and then got busy upstairs.

First thing I did was

Toss all the laundry down stairs. This works better than trying to carry it down all those steps.

You see that landing above the door with the electrical outlet. I need to find some pretty Christmas decorations up there! Hummmm.. anyway..

I got some fresh sheets on husbys bed..

And thinking now.. maybe I should have put some other sheets on his bed.

These 400-thread-count sateen sheets from Peacock Alley and I can just see the dog wallowing around on them. Might have to change them tomorrow again and put some cheaper sheets on his bed. These cost almost $ 60.00 ( not bragging, just saying ) and I have never owned JUST SHEETS that cost that much. What possessed me to put them on his bed today, I don't know.

I took about 40 minutes upstairs zipping around, cleaning up and wiped down 2 bathrooms and vacuumed and even took about a 6 minute shower and did my make up in about 5 minutes. I was on a roll!

I was heading downstairs when I snapped this picture.

I have boxes all lined up against the railing for the kittens. I didn't really know what to do to keep them from falling over. And they are so small that fall would kill them. So this is whats working. I know they would just go over the boxes but they don't. I think they would fall off by accident from rough housing from each other and this prevents that. Not too attractive though. I actually thought about getting a huge box of plastic wrap and going back and forth with it to shield it but I just haven't.

Anyway, I came downstairs, grabbed my

handy dandy feather dusted and swiped over everything that would stand still..

Then a few minutes later I got the total downstairs

vacuumed and then I had a break, enjoyed some lunch and then cleaned out the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen. In about 2/12 hours the house was working and I was also working on

laundry too. You know.. I have heard people say I am Scott's maid but truthfully, I don't mind because I like a clean house. And the things I am doing is not just for Scott. Duhhh.. Its for me and the animals too. I was happy with the way the house looked after just a few hours of work. I have always said you don't have to do things perfect, you have to do them. My house is far from spotless and I don't really mind. As long as its a organized mess, I can handle it!

The kittens love..

the feather duster.

Swagger was carrying it all around the living room and its bigger than he is!

Too cute!!

There was a lot of drama with Scott today. Not with us or anything but his work was a hectic day. I am not suppose to talk about it for a few weeks but things are changing!

I got busy on a quick comforting dinner tonight because it was the last show of Dancing with the Stars and I couldn't miss it!!

I browned up some Chicken breast that I cut in strips.

set them aside. Then took some

rice and

browned it up ( per the boxes instructions )

added the water and the seasonings

then took the chicken added it.

mixed it up

covered it up.

 ( I didn't feel like digging for the glass lid that goes with this skillet so I grabbed this one that I use for everything. It looks like its been to hell and back but I like it a lot! )

After letting it cook for about 15 minutes on med low

it was done!

thats my bite!!

Then I mashed up some

potatoes. I don't care. I like mashed potatoes with this meal!

Popped some corn in the microwave and then got stared on dessert.

I took some pears and topped them with some vanilla sugar

and the smell was amazing.

If you just take some sugar and add your vanilla beans and store in an air tight container you

will have a heaven in a jar!
I love this stuff.
You can use it with anything from coffee to fruits, french toast to even bland cereal. Its really good.

Before I knew it

Dinner was plated up

and I was ready to eat.

This meal is so tasty and comforting and so easy.

After dinner it was time for

Dancing with the stars!

Husby got busy getting his clothes ready for tomorrow.

Our iron broke the other day so this is just a cheap one to get us through

Scott got a shower and was in bed when the weather started to turn

Another big storm and there were all kinds of tornado warnings going on. I woke him and let him know and he didn't much care!

Look who won!!

I figured he would! Its funny everyone I know was pulling for other people. My friend wanted Rob to win because he was the underdog, my mom wanted Ricki Lake to win, I wanted Max to win but my other pick was JR. He is a great dancer and I am sure all the military guys love that it was him.

I wonder what show is going to take its place.. Btw.. Have you guys seen how Oprahs time slot has been filled by ANDERSON COOPER. OMG.. He is so sweet looking and kind. I haven't watched it yet but I recorded it today on my bedroom tv and when I go to bed I will be watching it! Super excited to see how he does! I will let  you guys know tomorrow what I think of it!

Well its 2 am and I have to make the coffee and get to bed.

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers

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