Monday, November 7, 2011

The end of tonight..


As you all know, its been a looong day and I am just exhausted. I am worried as hell about that damn dog and I hate that Scott is so upset. I don't know what else to do. I had the big door open with the glass door exposed but I am going to shut it, lock it, and march my butt right upstairs to my bed. I cannot believe that dog went missing.. just poof.. vanished into the night. I am sure though out the night, I will be up every couple hours looking for him. I just hope and pray that by the time Scott gets up for work, Cooper is laying on the porch..

All my plans today pretty much went to shit. I don't know what I will get accomplished tomorrow. I was suppose to go to the grocery store and tomorrow I HAVE to do that.. besides that.. who knows.. Probably just hunting for that dog. Its cold out.. so I am worried he is cold.. I am also worried that he is hungry, not to mention I am worried that he got hit by a car and wondered off to die.. Who knows.. I really hope he just found a female and is spreading his seed.

Anyway.. I had enough of today.. Goodnight..

K Jaggers

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