Friday, November 11, 2011

The End To My Late Night


Hello everyone!

Its late here. I am in the middle of watching a movie, so I am staying up till its over. Probably got about another hour to go. I have felt bad most of the night with a intense headache. Husby came home early from work and tried helping me feel better. It didn't really work but I was grateful he was here.

So I am sorry if you read my rant about being upset with that Internet drama queen. I am responsible for what I say, not for what someone understands. I don't know how to make my point without really tearing her head off. I really don't like getting upset over something as trivial as a blog but sometimes you just have to tell someone when to shut the f**k up. I doubt it will work, she is like a pesky fly in the room that bothers the shit out of you. Don't be confused.. this is not stalker girl. This is just some crazy woman with too much time on her hands. I will do my best to control my temper, but I can't make any promises!!

Ok.. back to my day!

I woke up and went to the dealership to see husby. Needless to say, it seemed a little show around there. Then I went on to do a little

grocery shopping. Had to get some stuff for us and some stuff for the kittys. Those kitty's of mine require a lot of supplies!!

Speaking of kitty's look at what else I got at the grocery store!!

A new kitty calender.. Ok.. I do have a lot of calenders and organizers but it was hard to pass this up! I figured it would fit in my purse easier than my planner. I know its a pretty simple little calender but it sure made me smile today!

You guys know I live in North Carolina. I have only been here for only a year so I am still learning a lot. Well the picture below I took in the summer. Husby actually stopped the car so I could get it.

This my friends is a cotton Field. I had no idea what it was when I passed it. I am serious. I have never seen a cotton field in my life before we moved here. I even got out of the car and touched it and it did not feel like cotton. Hubsy was worried I was going to get arrested for stealing cotton.. Yea..that would certainly be a first for me!

Well there are thorns on it and looks

pretty weird! Like I said, its not soft like you would imagine it would be.

Well now with the fall here, I guess it's harvest time..

This picture I got the other day..

This is what it looks like after its all been harvested.

Who knew those fields had so much cotton in them!!! I have never seen anything like this. Maybe you have but I thought I would share it in case your like me, and kinda new to this cotton life!

Scott had to work late so I decided to not cook and just pick something up for myself.

Can you guess what it was?

Yep.. Mickey D's for dinner.

I decided to show you guys how I love my big macs..

Husby thinks I am nuts for ordering it this way. But I like it " my way ". As I always tell him, customer is always right!!

It was actually pretty good.. However, this is about the time my headache started and from that point on, I just felt horrible. Its 3am right now and its still kinda hurting. I am just up to finish watching this movie and then off to bed..

Ohhh.. have any of you seen the new winter coke cans!?

When I got one out, I thought I might have had diet. God knows, I can't handle that crap but once I saw the adorable little panda bears on the can, I smiled yet again!

It was hard to to get the entire can in the picture, but here are the other little baby's on the other side.

How freaking cute. I think I love polar bears like I love cats. I remember over the summer when we had a lot of friends coming and staying with us, that all they had to do was make a $ 20 donation to the polar bear fund to stay. Husby backed down from making anyone doing it but I sure thought it was a good idea!

Well this movie is going to be off pretty soon so I am going to wrap this post up. I am sure that a lot of people will be on here checking what I had to say about the drama queen bitch.. If you are with her little 93 friends checking this blog out.. go away. Just leave now before anyone gets hurt!!

I do appreciate you running my #'s up.. I am wating and waiting to hit 100k visitors and plan on having a little blog party and hosting a great giveway for all my great great readers. You are not a part of them but you can help get us there!

Ohhh.. I forgot to tell you guys something.. Not you 93 friends of hers.. My friends..

I was confused because I know I had been blogging for almost 4 years now and this blog only shows 2. Well my memory SUCKS ( too much natural tobacco back in high school ) and tonight I found my other blog! I did it on myspace. Years worth of post. I am shocked I forgot about it. So what I think I am going to do is put a link at the top of the blog to get to it but I am also thinking about bringing a few post from over there to here. I feel silly that I forgot about it! Myspace is the first place I started blogging. Then I wanted something more " bloggy " like.. so that's why I moved here! I think that's pretty exciting! I told my mom about it tonight and she just giggled!

Ohhh and check out this beautiful picture of my 2 chocolate babies from the litter..

Husby was holding them up for me so I could get a good picture! Swagger, the male, is to the left and our little female, Sweet Pea is to the right.. Just to be clear.. Its Fancy Pants Swagger Jaggers and Fancy Pants Sweet Pea Jaggers! Just like with the others.. We are the Fancy Pants cattery!

Anyway, Sweet Dreams.

Have a great Saturday Morning. I will talk to you when I get up!


K Jaggers

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