Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Omg you guys!!! I happy to report that Scott found Super Cooper this morning while I was still in bed. He walked the woods and then went on the first drive of the day and found Cooper running through a field with a female German Shepard in..

this area about 2.5 miles from the house!!! At first husby said when he yelled at him, the tucked his head down and started running past that fence.. but Scott kept following him and he finally ran back up to him!!! Scott said the Shepard had a collar on, so he left her. I think from where he was at, he did run all the way through those woods in the back of the house.

I am so thankful he is back home!!! Scott is super happy and the house is back to normal.. Last night I even started a post telling you guys that blogging would be limited because we were going to spend the day looking for him. But Scott let him in my room once they got home and I was super super happy that he is home!

Here he is..

First thing that happened.. was a nice long warm bath!! He was really dirty.. Then husby loaded me in the car to show me where he found him..


Thank you guys for all your prayers!!

And.. blogging will commence today as normal!
K Jaggers

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