Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get New IVONA Text to Speech Voices FREE for Android


IVONA Software has released the latest beta version (1.0.10b) of IVONA Voices for the Android platform, providing lifelike voice quality for Android devices that support the TTS functionality.

IVONA Text to Speech Voices have become the preferred TTS technology for a variety of Android apps. From helping people to drive safely by using hands-free functionality to Navigation and text messages to enjoying e-books while “on the road”, to the many work and recreational activities popular among today’s mobile, multitasking consumers - users can count on IVONA for clear, accurate, always accessible spoken messages.

The new, FREE IVONA Text to Speech Voices offer:

  • Louder and clearer speech
  • Even greater accuracy in pronunciation
  • Less demand on internal storage space.

The IVONA Voices for Android are available FREE until the end of beta tests, so we encourage everyone to visit mobile.ivona.com and check out the list of IVONA TTS voices soon. More information about IVONA TTS voices can be found on the IVONA Software website.

Get New IVONA Text to Speech Voices FREE for Android
Mon, 21 Nov 2011 20:23:59 GMT

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