Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gun Testing... with husby!

Around 5pm husby wanted to go try out a new gun that he is thinking about buying.. I don't think I will get into trouble saying this.. let's hope I don't anyway.. But the car business and guns go hand in hand.. I have no idea why.. but Scott tends to buy most of his guns through his friends and co workers at the dealership.

So this one came his way.. I think this gun in these videos is called a Springfield Omga 10mm.. I am not 100% sure though.. I don't know much about guns.. But I think that's what Scott said..

Also you will see that its not firing exactly as it should.. Being I don't know much about guns, I thought it was the gun messing up.. Husby seems to think it had something to do with the bullets.. They are the kind that were filled by his friend with less gun powder and husby thinks that is why..

I am sure he will check into it more before deciding to buy it or not..

Here are the videos..

He sure likes guns.. and I wouldn't be surprised if he goes and buys a box of " fresh and new " bullets to test it again.. If he does, I will try to get a video of it.. I did not fire this gun.. I don't really like to shoot guns.. I have practiced a few times for self defense.. but I don't really plan on shooting a gun unless I just have to..

Thanks for watching.. and I know this is more of a " guy " post.. and I know I don't have many guy readers but I figured I would post it anyway!


K Jaggers

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