Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello Wednesday!!

Its a cold day here! The sun is barley out - ohhh and as you can tell, husby didn't take my computer today!! Wooo-hooo!!!! I don't know what they are doing down there at the dealership. computer wise. Their computers have been down for a couple days... but they are working on it. I know that they have wireless now, but that still makes it kinda hard. I know that everyone is bringing in their laptops and using them for the time being.  Hopefully they will have all the Internet issues fixed today or tomorrow.

- I just took the dog out to go to the bathroom ( on his leash, non the less ) and the leaves are falling like crazy. I might have to go out and get a video of it because it was so beautiful! - Cooper seemed pretty sad all day yesterday. He would go outside with either Scott or myself, his head would be up smelling the air. I think he misses his little Shepard Dog friend. She is probably pregnant right now. But today he seems to feel better! =)

Anyway, I doubt I am even leaving today. I have plenty to do around here, and I also have some post that I want to work on. Ohhh. My daugther asked me last night night, about why I put a lot of periods at the end of sentences on here. Trying to explain my grammer choice was NOT easy. I tried to explain, that it's just my thoughts that carry on. With that said, I am going to work on not doing that anymore and use the right grammer. The last thing she or I need, is her trying to put → ....← at the end of a sentence in school. Yea, not a good idea. While I know she is not on the blog daily anymore, I know she does read it when she has the time. I am sure I will mess up again, but I am going to be working on that.

My sweet little kitty cats are running laps around the house right now. They turned 2 months old yesterday. They are the cutest things ever and I love that their personality's are coming out. Its about time to start finding them new homes. I hate that but I do love the happiness that they bring other people. I still call and check on the kittens from the last litter. I really do. I like to know that they are doing ok and happy.

Well, I have a few things I want to get started on and I also want to work on a few post!

Have a great afternoon. Be back soon, I will be back soon!


Happy Wednesday!

K Jaggers

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