Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How not to get ripped off buying an HDTV online


If you read my "Buying an HDTV: Online or in-store" article, you'd have found the clear(ish) winner was buying online. The selection and prices pretty much can't be beat.

But as I mentioned in that article, not all online stores are created equal. There are many important factors to look out for when buying online that go far beyond price.

Buyer beware, as they say, as you'll see.

I can't offer an opinion on every TV retailer on the Web, as there are gazillions (actual number). What I can do is give you some guidelines to look out for when surfin' and buyin'.

Reputation The biggest-name online retailers offer a certain level of comfort, in that they aren't likely to rip you off, and most will help if you have a problem.

When you move to the next rung of retailers, ones that you might not have heard of before, things get a little dicey. As smaller operations, they can often charge even lower prices than the bigs. Thankfully, the Internet is all knowing: A simple Google search of the company name should give you the highlights. Are other consumers positive or negative about their experience with the Web site? Every site is going to have a few detractors, but a lot of negatives is worth noting.

Amazon, eBay, and Buy all offer storef... [Read more]

How not to get ripped off buying an HDTV online
Geoffrey Morrison
Mon, 21 Nov 2011 16:55:00 GMT

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