Sunday, November 20, 2011

I LOVE....

With cold season around these are the best little things to have around!!

I love these so much!!

As you can see they are Disinfecting and come with 

75 wipes per container. 

There are a ton of  areas to use these on as you can see. 

They pop up for easy access. 

I love these things. They are kinda thin but I double up. I keep a container in the bathroom, kitchen and in the laundry room. They are great for phones, door knobs, and anything else you can think up. I use them daily to wipe down the bathrooms and I also use them for the counters in the kitchen and I also wipe down the edges of the litter boxes too. I can't tell you guys how handy these are. 

If you haven't tried them.. they are a must!!

They have some others but none are as good as the disinfecting ones!

K Jaggers

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