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iOS 5 Battery Issues Continue With No Solution In Sight


iOS 5 Battery Issues Continue With No Solution In Sight

No one is yet calling it “Antennagate: Part II,” but the battery life issues affecting some iDevices, in particular the new iPhone 4S, continues to drag on. And now comes word Apple may have to delay the release of a fix until later this month thanks to another issue with iOS 5, according to Redmond Pie.

It wasn’t that long ago Apple released iOS 5.0.1, which was supposed to fix battery life issues many are experiencing with the iPhone 4S and other iDevices. Yet, that “solution” never worked and Apple quietly went back to the drawing board. The company’s latest solution, iOS 5.0.2, was supposed to arrive for developers this week. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case because of memory leak issues.

Macerkopf, the site which appeared to confirm the all-remedying iOS 5.0.2 update as being released this week, has dramatically U-turned by stating that it “probably” will not rear its head in the coming days, whilst not really offering an ETA, either.

The site states that whilst the battery issues have been sorted out (where have we heard that before?), there are ongoing issues with memory leaks which require a little more scrutiny, so rather than have to release 5.0.3 almost immediately after, Apple has apparently decided to spend a little time and sort out all major issues. How noble of them.

The battery problems haven’t affected anywhere near as many people as the iPhone 4′s antenna issues, and only affects certain configurations – probably a defining factor in the delay. Some have reported deterioration of around 10% per hour, and although as smartphone users we’ve become used to the high juice consumption, this takes it to a whole new level.

First recognized soon after the iPhone 4S was released, the iOS 5 battery life issue is likely caused by a location services bug. Soon after the bug was uncovered, AppAdvice published a report, “Here Are 10 Ways To Improve Battery Life On The iPhone 4S.” If you are still experiencing battery problems, please review this article. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated.

Are you still experiencing battery life issues with your iOS 5-enabled iDevice? Let us know by using the comments below.

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iOS 5 Battery Issues Continue With No Solution In Sight
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