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The iOS Academy: How To Update iOS Over The Air


The iOS Academy: How To Update iOS Over The Air

Hello, iOS users and welcome to today’s edition of iOS Academy. Earlier today Apple pushed out the iOS update to version 5.0.1 and we thought what better time to show you how to get your update untethered and over the air.

The iOS OTA updates use what are called bit-differential or “delta” files that only contain what’s new with this version. These types of files allow us to download the update faster and more efficiently. Also, note that these won’t erase your music, apps or other data, so the whole process should be particularly seamless.

The first thing you want to do is launch the Settings app, tap General, tap Software Update, and if an update is available this is where you will find all the info about it. If you want to update your device just tap Download and Install, and you are on your way.

Next a page displaying the Terms and Conditions will show up which you’ll want to agree to. If you have most of your day to go, or are low on battery life, I would recommend plugging in the device while you finish the download and install. You wouldn’t want it dying in the middle of this process.

You will now see a progress bar and a time visual identifier for how much longer the update download will take. Keep in mind that if Wi-Fi is available I strongly suggest you use it for speed and less drain on your battery. Once the update has been downloaded, you will be presented with a countdown and asked to install and restart.

Once again our friend, the Terms and Conditions page pops up, you just have to agree like you did previously and your device will start verifying the update. That’s it, your phone will then restart showing the Apple icon like previous iTunes tethered updates have, and you will be updated.

There you have it! A quick and simple way to get your iOS updates over the air without having to plug into your home computer. Note: If you’re a jailbroken user, you should stay away from this update for now.

As always if you have any questions or comments you can let me know here and i’ll see you guys next time.

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The iOS Academy: How To Update iOS Over The Air
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