Monday, November 7, 2011

A Lost Super Cooper. .=(


Hello everyone.. I have blogged today because its just been a sucky day. Last night about the time I finished up the WEEKEND NOTES post, I let Super Cooper out to go to the bathroom before we went to bed and he never came back.. Needless to say.. I didn't sleep at all.. At 6 am I got my shoes on and got in the car and drove around looking for him. Nothing.. I think it was about 9 am before I finally fell to sleep and I only slept till around noon. During the time I was sleeping Scott was out and walking and searching the woods behind the house. I pretty much blame us because we have not neutered him. We have never had a problem like this until we moved into this house. In just a few minutes we are heading back out for one last drive around. We have done that over 6 times already. Scott is panicked and very upset. I am upset too. I just don't want him hurt.. I figure he will come back but I'm not sure. We called animal services and they are keeping their eyes open for him. If he doesn't come back by early tomorrow afternoon, I am going to print off some flyer's and start putting them in mailboxes.

Sigh.. not how I thought we would spend our Sunday. I am going to make some dinner in bit and sit down to watch a movie. But that will only take our minds off Cooper for a short while.

I hope everyone got out and got a Sunday Paper.. I got mine.. and yep.. I made sure they had the coupons in it before I walked out with it! Also if you didn't read the weekend notes post, please click the link above to check it out. There is tons of great information regarding sales and upcoming post. I am sure I will get another post, maybe 2 more up tonight but right now my focus is that dog. I am extremely wore out and my body hurts from just the stress alone.. but I am exhausted and feel horrible that dog isn't here. Everyone knows I am a cat person but I love that dog.. hes been a part of our family for a long while.. before any of the cats and I just want him to come back home. Not to mention Scott is as sad as can be right now. We let him out every night for a few minutes off his lead so he can use the bathroom but last night he just kept going. Hopefully in the next post, I can report that he is back home. Please say a prayer for the safe arrival of our Super Cooper..

Well, I will talk to you guys in a bit.

K Jaggers

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