Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Movie Review.. MARGIN CALL

Last night Scott and I took a break from dog hunting and watched this movie.. Now, I don't know if all of you will have access to this movie or not, because its a early release on Time Warner..

 It also cost $6.50 to watch being it was a early premier.

With all that said... If you liked either one or both of the Wallstreet movies, you will love this movie. For me its one of the best movies I have watched ALL YEAR LONG!!! I am not sure why I love investment banking but I do.. I almost wish I would have majored in investment banking in college. God knows, I am not as good with #s as I would like to be but I love these movies and when you watch a movie like this, you don't only enjoy the movie but you learn things too.

Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Stanley Tucci, Simon Baker and Demi Moore do an awesome job of portraying what happened in a 24 hour period that started the collapse of the banking industry. I loved it.. Watched it 3 times in the 24 hour period.. so I wouldn't miss out on this movie at all!!

ANOTHER 10!!!!

Here's the trailer!!

K Jaggers

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