Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My day..

My day.. My day.. My day.. Hummmm... what to say.. Well for the most part.. 


That damn dog is still missing and it has upset our entire house. But I tried to get back to normal a little bit.. 

I did make it to the store.. 

picked up a few things.. 

One of the best things I came home with is...

Now.. I know everyone has either a love or a hate relationship with egg nog. I was talking to my mom tonight and she said " I HATE EGG NOG" My response.. " When was the last time you tried it...1976 when I was born? " Her response.. " Nope.. it was longer than that" Ok. people.. I don't know what the hell egg nog tasted like then but with time, as with most things, I am sure it has improved. I didn't think 10 years ago, I liked it either.. but this is heaven on my tongue.I looooooove it.. So I want you guys to try it once again.. This is the time of year its in the stores and this Southern Comfort is a great great egg nog.. There is no alcohol in it.. unless you put it in..and it cost about $4.00. Its amazing.. and I am going to do a upcoming post soon because there are so many things you can do with egg nog.. You wait.. I think you will be surprised at how much you can do with it.. So stay tuned for that post.. This is my before bed snack tonight.. I can't wait!! I tend to really like it a lot and it is heavy in calories. So I have to limit myself.. otherwise I would drink gallons of this stuff. Try it.. that's all I am asking.. I want emails about what you think about it too!  

Before grocery shopping and after, I spent it in the car.. 

driving around searching for that dog.. 

In town.. out of town.. around the neighborhood, in the woods.. you name it I looked there. Scott had to work till 8 pm so I had to do the majority of looking for him. Still he was no where to be found. My mom keeps saying he will be back and helping to keep us hopeful but it feels pretty hopeless right now. Scott came home and I got dinner cooked.. 

Tonight was.. 

BLT night. Super easy for a late night and we ate watching Dancing with the Stars.. Once 9 pm came, we turned it to House so I am finishing the last dances now.. and will talk more in a few minutes about it and more to come tomorrow about it too! 

I decided after a long day of hunting for the dog the only thing that was going to make me feel better was a long hot bath.. and guess who joined me? 

All the boys! They love watching the water in the bath tub. I want them to get socialized with everything. That's what will make them good cats. On the other side.. 

their sister Willow watched and so did our baby female - Sweet Pea - but she jumped down to be with her mommy who was laying on the floor before I could get a picture of her... You might wonder why I had the camera upstairs while I was taking a a bath.. but I was working on pictures of a shampoo and conditioner that I am reviewing. That post should be up tomorrow.. 

Scott and I did go back out again to look for the dog.. We drove around in the dark praying to see him but still no Cooper. I just hope he is ok. Tomorrow we are back on the hunt.. That should make blogging a little less.. so don't be alarmed if you don't hear much from me. Scott is taking the entire day off and I think we are going hiking in the woods to look from him and I am sure we will drive around more too. Plus we are putting flyers out. Mom warned me not actually put them in the mailboxes.. just tape them to the side.. I think I am going to listen.. I don' t want to get arrested for a federal crime over that dog. Again.. I am really concerned about him. I know a lot of people think I don't care because I am clearly a cat person.. but I raised that dog and I spend more time with him than Scott ever does.. he is at work 70-80 hours a week so I do care about him. I think when Scott is around, he doesn' t listen like he should but when its just us.. he listens just fine. So he is in my prayers and I just want him home. If you are reading this.. please say a prayer too.. We need all the help we can get to bring him home. 

Ok.. on to Dancing with the Stars. Wow. tonight was a big night.. JR is still by far the best dancer.. I mean with the armatures. Again.. I LOVE MAX... Is that just not a beautiful man? Omg.. I sooooo have a crush on him.. I would let him toss me all around that dance floor! I will have much much more on it tomorrow.. ( if I have time, that is ) but I think Nancy Grace is gone..I love her but its time to say good bye. I also love watching Derick..That little guy can really dance.. and fun to watch! 

Well.. I am going to feed my cats.. get to bed so I can get up tomorrow to look for the dog.. Maybe God will put him on the front porch when we get up.. Fingers Crossed.. 

Sweet Dreams.

K Jaggers

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