Thursday, November 17, 2011

New AppList: Parent’s Assistant


New AppList: Parent’s Assistant

Your iPhone can be an incredible resource for everything, from keeping little ones entertained in the airport to providing information that parents need. The iPhone can provide you with crucial information resources available at a moments notice no matter what the hour. There’s nothing more scary than a child exhibiting strange physical symptoms after hours. Medical apps can help you decide if those symptoms are ER worthy, or treatable at home. The iPhone can also serve as a wonderful tool to help you educate your children. The wonderful world of educational gaming apps is busting at the seems and the competition is driving developers to create better and better learning methods and concepts. The concept of interactive gaming is superior to kids vegging in front of educational programming on tv because it forces them to think and answer question. The great part is, the games are often so fun that the kids hardly realize they are learning. Parents can find apps to help their babies learn their colors, shapes and ABC’s or to help their teenager better understand mathematical terms. From phonics to physics and everything in between, there are incredibly useful and entertaining apps that can enhance your child’s education and even entertain them so much that he or she won’t even realize learning is also taking place.

Parent’s Assistant

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New AppList: Parent’s Assistant
Karen Freeman
Wed, 16 Nov 2011 19:08:52 GMT

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