Monday, November 21, 2011

Night To All!!

Late night hello to everyone! Hope you all had a great day with your family and friends today. Our day was pretty ordinary until around dinner time!

Here are some of the pictures from tonight.

Getting husby motivated today took a little effort.. At first he was laid up in his pjs watching some bad tv movies.. well trying anyway. The DVR is messed up but more about that in a bit.

So after getting his butt off the couch and into the shower.. we took off to do some shopping. We had to stop by the dealership first to help one of the other guys who worked there. They had a Christmas present hidden there for their child and wanted to get it today. I was kinda rude because this happens with person every Sunday.. so I told him to stop bothering us on Sunday's. Hope he got the point!

Anyway after that, we headed to the market to get some groceries.

Once we got home husby got busy

working on getting the leaves out of the gutter!!

The back of the house is really high and there was no way he could get to it so he stuck to the front.

I went into the house to get the groceries put away and work on dinner.

but the cats and I watched him from the front door!

I love his picture of him.. LOVE THOSE LEGS!!

But loved that he was actually

doing something off his husby to do list!!

And do you notice that he is doing it in his dress shoes...

Oh my.. thats my husband!

I went outside to hold the ladder and

all the kitty's were watching!

Omg.. is Swagger not the cutest thing ever!?

As you can see they are all looking up watching the leaves fall!

Love this picture too!

Boy, this is a cattery for sure! We love them so much!

I got busy making this

Dessert ( recipe and thoughts coming tomorrow)

and husby got busy making something too..

White Chili that he is taking into work tomorrow. ( got pictures of him cooking it and will post that recipe too )

Before I knew it, dinner was almost done and our friends showed up..

Check this out..

Look at Courtney - new mommy to be - That baby is growing!!

She is sure happy too!

Before I knew it..

Dinner was served.. ( pictures of that too coming up tomorrow )

After dinner it was time for

time for some kitty love. That's Jake - Courtney's son.

And of course Michael was here too! He's kinda camera shy but I got a good one of him..

Check it out!!

I love this picture!!!

but I think I love this picture even more!!

Look at that baby.. Gizmo was sleeping on Courtney's lap.


Ferdinand and Gizmo are so shy and I loved that he was letting Courtney love on him. Ferdinand was not so accepting though! He hid for most of the time and then stayed on Scott's lap the rest of the time!

After that it was time to clean up the kitchen. I had to do 2 loads in the dishwasher and finally I was finished and

got a hot bath. I really really needed it. I was tired and craving a hot relaxing bath.

After that, I pretty much worked downstairs on that damn DVR. For the last few days, its had a mind of its own. It will freeze right in the middle of a tv show, and we have had to reboot it a million times. But finally it frizzled out and won't reset at all. I am so tired of Time Warner. I think their service sucks and I think their customer service sucks too. I have a tech coming tomorrow between 1 - 3 to see if they get it working. I am super pissed about it and if they have to replace the DVR I will loose all my movies. I will be super pissed and they will have to pay me for that HUGE inconvenience. Guess we will see how it goes tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I have a lot of post coming up. I don't have any plans except cleaning up around here and blogging. Not too eventful but the rest of the week I will be doing my best to pump out post. I am not sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving. I hope we are going out but we might stay in too. Will let you know when we figure it out. I wish we were going to be with our family but Scott doesn't want to travel but we will have Christmas with family. I will have to settle with that!

Off to bed, have a great Monday!


K Jaggers

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