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Hello Friends!!

Hope everyone had a beautiful Saturday. It was kinda cold and boring around my house today. With husby home, he likes it cooler than I do and I stayed cold since he got home. I try to not fight with him over such trivial things but I just wanted to make him go outside for the evening so he could be cool and I could be warm! We watched tv for a while and then I had enough of being lazy. I got upstairs and started cleaning my closet and bathroom really well. I get asked a lot about my make up collection and I am going to do an updated video for you guys at the beginning of next week. Its not to show off or anything.. but its one of the most requested things on this blog.

Also, starting tomorrow you will find  a new section of this blog that is called.. WEEKEND NOTES.. Now these notes will contain different things from upcoming blog post, to local sales and coupon information, any and all information that I think is important to take with you through the following week. This idea came to me when I was working in my day planner and trying to figure everything out for myself.. I thought how handy would something like this be for my readers.. So there you go. .I don't know what day I will always get it posted but it will be posted either on Fridays, Saturday's or even Sundays. I will link it up in other post too just to remind you guys to check it out. I am sure there will be times when I forget to add something and have to come back and include it.. if I do I will add another link. There will also be a reminder at the top of this blog starting tomorrow just to help readers know where to go. If you are not familiar with this blog.. there is a list of LABELS to the right where you can get to certain post.. just look for the label of the category you want.. ( weekend notes ) and it will take you to all those post. Its a very important part of the blog and is a great tool to help everyone out.. so please use it!! Also if you have any suggestions of what you would like for me to add to it.. just email me! .

Ok.. on to tonight.. Like I said.. it was rather a boring night around here. I didn't even cook dinner. We just snacked through out the night. My husband could live on string cheese.. I kid you not.. And when he is eating it, the cats are lined up hoping that he will share. I know that crap is not healthy but its one of his biggest guilty pleasures..So if that's the worse he does.. then that isn't too bad!

Tomorrow I have to go to the grocery and pick some things up. We don't need a lot but we are running out of every day things. I need to go through all my coupons first just to help save where I can. I was talking to my sister in law today about coupons and its funny that we both suck at it but we are trying to get better! She thinks getting a binder and putting coupons in it by the isle they are in would help. Maybe so.. I don't know... I can't imagine carrying a binder around with me while I shop! When I do figure out a good system I like, I will be sure to share it with you.. Right now, I just stuff my wallet full of coupons that I want to use so I can't miss them when its time to check out. I mean how many of you have took coupons to the store when to use, and then forget when you check out!? It happens to me all the time!

We are trying to figure out our holiday season. I think it will just be Scott and I for Thanksgiving. We traveled so much already over the spring and summer that we are staying home. I am not sure if I am going to cook or find us some where really nice to have Thanksgiving dinner. Never know, I might talk him into heading to Indiana for Thanksgiving but that's a loooong ride! I know at Christmas my mom and Don are coming here.. Actually they are going all over and spending time at Don's moms, Indiana, here, and maybe even Florida! They are going to be busy people! Sure happy they are coming here. We were at their house last Christmas and this time they are heading our way. I am super happy about that because I can't imagine a Christmas without my mom. We lost Scott's mom a few years back.. along with my grandparents so our family has really decreased. But we have our kids and I still have my mom and dad.. We all know, my dad is not such a father to me.. but I still have him and maybe one day he will change. One can only hope!

The kittens are going crazy around here tonight. They are pushing balls with bells in them all around the house and Gabby is back in heat.. Yep.. she is meowing all the time and driving me crazy! I am wanting to cage her until it passes but I can't do that to her. It would be good because it would totally wein the kittens but I hate to break her heart like that. Its just part of breeding cats!

Well I am going to start working on that first WEEKEND NOTES post and then head to bed!

Sweet Dreams


K Jaggers

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