Monday, November 7, 2011

Nothing Yet..

Still no Super Cooper.. We just back home from our last search.. I am tired and really wish that damn dog would just get home. Mom seems to think he is just "  Hound Whoring " and will be back within a couple of days. I sure hope she is right... I am not so convinced. I have prayed over and over today but still no Cooper. I actually feel pretty helpless. I know this might not be a good comparison.. but I can only imagine this is what parents of missing children must feel. We have looked every where, said prayers, and have no idea where he is tonight. I know he has to be hungry. Maybe he is some where that people are maybe feeding him.. maybe someone is holding him until the animal shelter opens tomorrow.. who knows. Its just sad.. Scott is beyond sad. He has been upset all day. I wish that dog would come home for him. He will be lost if he never comes back. I'm not even sure if I went out and got another Golden Retriever Puppy if that would even make him feel better. At this point, I don't think anything is going to make him feel better besides that dog coming home. He has had a few drinks and instead of that taking things off his mind.. I think it just made it worse. He is upstairs right now watching tv and I am trying to not bother him too much or say anything more. The only words I really want to say is... " Baby, he's home!!" Until then less is more.

I am going to go soak in a hot bath and pray some more for a safe return of Cooper.. Please keep him in your prayers. And if any of you guys have any searching suggestions.. please forward them on to me. We have searched all day and will start again as soon as the sun is back out.


K Jaggers

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