Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Really Tired

Hello everyone.. I am sleepy so I hope this post goes fast.. Lets hope I don't just talk and talk and talk tonight!

Is that not a sweet picture of Gizmo? He's tired too... But its funny.. as soon as I head to bed, they all wake up to play! I have tried over the past 3 days to let the kittens be in the bedroom while I am sleeping but every night so far, they have got booted out!

I am sooooo happy that Super Cooper is home. Thank you to everyone on facebook that sent their kind words our way today.. Thank you..

Cooper was pretty tired all day..

The majority of his day was spent right here in this spot! He is there right now.. sleeping. Guess it wore him out roaming for 2 days! You can check out the found post HERE.

Well.. I tried to make the most out of my day but I was going on about 5 hours of sleep and I just suck with that amount of rest.. I need more. That's why I am so tired right now.. and I am sure my body thinks its 220 am instead of 120 am.

Our day was pretty easy.. We hung out, watched tv, I blogged and husby

got busy cleaning a gun..

The cats were getting all up in his business driving him crazy!

But it wasn't long before..

he finished up.. and he was ready to go shoot it. I really didn't feel like going but I got loaded up in the car and the drive was..

beautiful.. It was almost 5pm and

the sun setting was not far off..

We got to Scott's friends house..

He got everything in place and then I started videoing it..

If you didn't see that post you can click HERE to see it..

We stayed for about 30 minutes and then we were done and

heading back to the car. It was dark on the way home.. I was going to roast a chicken for dinner, but time passed and it didn't happen. I had to try to figure out something fast..

So we had..

Tacos for dinner. Husby loves this dinner but its not my favorite meal but it would do!

Here is my little kitchen helper tonight.. Gizmo!

Got the taco meat done..

Got everything else ready..

As you can see, Gizmo was enjoying his little treats!! I love letting a different one on the stool every night! They love it.. They can see the food cooking on the stove from the stool and they always get great little treats! Tomorrow is the little females turn!

I got dinner served really fast.. which was good since I had a hungry husby!

Besides that the night was spent just hanging out.. cleaning up a bit.. tossing laundry around and watching Dancing with the Stars.. I also did a great post about that.. and you can check it out RIGHT HERE to see some of the great dances! Love that show!!!

Anyway.. We are super happy that the dog is home. Scott was like a different person tonight.. He was so happy the dog was home.. as was I . He is closer to the dog than I am, in some ways.. I spend more time with the him and have trained him well but Scott is more like his buddy and I am more like his boss. But we are going to be really keeping an eye on him and I won't be letting him out without a leash or lead anymore.. It won't happen.. If he comes up missing again.. it will be on Scott's watch.. not mine!!

I have another Nuance Review tomorrow. maybe 2... I did a post on the Smooth & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. I love the smell of it.. but you should read the review if you are thinking about trying this!

I am super tired.. This night is over..

 Have a great start to your Wednesday.. I will talk to you when I get up.. Ohh... husby might borrow the laptop tomorrow.. and if he will be bit later before I blog any. I will have to go get it when I get up, if he does take it.. I am thinking he won't but if he does.. I will talk to you in the afternoon..

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers

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