Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seven smart Google Translate tricks


Despite our best intentions, we never seem to add that one language to our repertoire. Tech is making it easier to get beyond language restrictions, though, and Google Translate is a great example of how to make life easier for travelers, publishers, and more. Here are seven great Google Translate tricks that are easy to deploy.

Add Google Translate to your site. It's easy to add a translation widget to your Web site that will automatically convert your wisdom (or kitten photo captions) into any of more than 50 languages. Just point your browser here, twiddle with the settings if you like, then copy and paste the code in the window into your site's source code.

Translate pages using your bookmark bar. At the bottom of the Tools and Resources page is a long list of language links. Drag any of them to your bookmark bar, then click it to automatically translate any page you visit into your preferred language. 

Add translate widget to your Web page.

Semi-real-time translation (Android only). The Google Translate Android app offers Conversation Mode, an alpha feature that lets users speak to each other through the device in something fairly close to real time. The voice capture is surprisin... [Read more]

Seven smart Google Translate tricks
Rob Lightner
Tue, 15 Nov 2011 18:23:52 GMT

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